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Billybob's Trusted Application
Seen nothing but activity from you in the forums and the discord. I haven't been on lately to play so I can't speak on if you have been trolling or not in game lately, but when we did play together you were chill and fun to play with. Only thing to touch on which had been addressed earlier is ban requests. I'll give you a +1 for now, but try to get some ban requests in, which will really help your cause in the future. Best of luck with the application!
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(Yesterday, 08:07 PM)KaptainLes Wrote: Hmm I don't usually like doing this but from you behaviour you've displayed over the last couple of days has been pretty bad, not going to lie. Most of the time i was just listening to you watching you and thinking "Does this guy really have a staff application in."  Harassing Players, Targeting Players, Encouraging Mic Spam and Inciting Racism and Slurs are all examples of your behaviour. As a staff member you may find people you find annoying or don't like, but as staff and a representative of the server you cant show any favour or disfavour to people you like and don't like. 

Could you please clarify and gives some direct examples of me doing this? While I appreciate your feedback I'm honestly confused as to where this comes from as I've gotta say I straight up have not done any of those things. I've never even been gagged or muted on the server besides joke gags. I'd also like to point out that I've frequently played with the others who have commented on here and none of them brought up that I've done such things. 

I apologize as this comes off as defensive and combative as I don't mean it to be. I don't want to turn this into an argument and I appreciate your feedback nonetheless, I just would appreciate a bit more clarification to see where you're coming from?
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