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Discord Name: CopyFright, but in the moment it might have been TheRealDavidChapman (lol sorry)

Discord ID: CopyFright#0025

Who Banned You: JackxDDD (I assume)

Reason For Ban: shitposting, racism, and general disrespect

Length of Ban: Forever I assume, it doesn't say

Reason for Admins to Unban: For one, I didn't shitpost at all. There was some shitposting and quick deleting, so this may have been a quick conclusion. As for racism, it wasn't really racist; more like a stupid thing I said regarding something ikill said. Either way, ikill already striked me for that. Lastly, general disrespect wasn't necessarily evident. I tussled with ikill for not much more than 3 comments before he said chill and I did. Other than that, it seems like I was already punished for the thing that's actually evident here, but I did nothing else.

Have you been banned before(any of our platforms & Link relevant threads): One serious TTT request by Jesse, which was fair. A couple were just mistakes or issues that were quickly resolved

Making a change  <3
[Image: DPHJrwT.png]
Alright so you think it was just the one instance that happened recently? It was not to be honest you got the most leeway compared to others that have been banned on discord and to be honest thats my mistake but you have had a lot of strikes and yet you thought it was ok to continue what you do? I know for a fact we had salty talked to you back in September to stop with the things you were doing whether that was the disrespect, toxicity, shitposting or racism but yet again you continued to cause problems in the discord. -1 on the unban you to grow up my guy.
[Image: 46713d688f8087b1f2d3b92a79d7afea.png]

Future owner  Big Grin
Yeah I’m sorry but I’m going with a  -1. I have seen you type up some pretty offensive things over the past time you been on discord. I have also seen you do shitposts. I even saw the comment you said that got you into trouble tonight and I have to say. What you said was racist I’m positive. Learn when to stop when someone tells you to and not to do that stuff so much.
"I didn't shitpost at all. There was some shitposting" what does that mean
I don't understand what's actually negative that I say, I think it's pretty subjective. 90% of the people I'm "negative" toward with any of my comments don't care and understand it isn't serious. And to anyone that I've said anything negative too, I'm more positive than I am negative. Whenever staff tell me to chill now I do, and the situation was fine until Jack got on and got all pissed off at me for a situation that was already covered by ikill

(10-28-2020, 08:31 PM)thunderwalrusinnthebar Wrote: "I didn't shitpost at all. There was some shitposting" what does that mean

It means there was some shitposting, but it wasn't me. I have before, but not in awhile
Making a change  <3
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image dump incoming
[Image: 8JAaOSy.png]

[Image: erVNXxG.png]

[Image: 1SVW0iF.png]

[Image: Agar8sX.png]

[Image: LG6hLfk.png]

[Image: 8U6swgl.png]

[Image: u5uDKdl.png]

[Image: 8gT60O7.png]

[Image: 9vnv5tK.png]

[Image: bCeGVQP.png] <--- best one but forum limit is 10

TL;DR, absolutely not. You are a awful person and an even worse troll, i sincerely do not want to see you back here for a very long time. -1.
Dude if you had that many strikes to your name already, then you should have really been treading carefully and not repeated your past mistakes.
[img][Image: bAal77J.gif]
I'm a -1 as well, you have gone too far on multiple occasions. b0t did handle it but then, with some discussion, it was upped to a ban.

You literally said "Black people are criminals. Its not racist its my opinion."

Hate to tell you man, but that's racist. Not to mention you were hostile to the discord staff after that. You tried making it sound like something okay to say after b0t said he liked Japan saying it was the same thing. Liking a country and calling all people of a skin color criminals are two VERY different things.
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

Make sure to make the day.
I understand those, but half of those are hella old and the other's are out of context, clearly shown in some by cropping. I've already been punished for most of those in the past, and my actions have belittled to barely anything that should be banable. 

Let alone, people talk like this all the time on Dink's? And people say worse things that some of those, which never result in any sort of ban or mute.

Whatever man just do me a favor and close this thread please. So many people do this same thing under staff's noses and it sucks that I have to be targeted so hard.

(10-28-2020, 08:43 PM)Alec Wrote: Dude if you had that many strikes to your name already, then you should have really been treading carefully and not repeated your past mistakes.

i actually really like that anime, I think it might be my favorite
Making a change  <3
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Thread is locked due to the individual who submitted the thread asking it to be closed.
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Make sure to make the day.

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