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two rdmers at night
Names: Dogmeat, White African

SteamIDs: STEAM_0:1:30740373, STEAM_0:1:101710073

Witnesses: Gabeolo, (s)oup..., WIGGLE

Reason: RDMing while staff weren't on

Not really seeing enough to ban for considering the number of logs as T against inno
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11-06-2019 ~ 11-17-2020
So to break it down, from what I can see there's nothing really on white African. Only the Round 1 possible Attempted RDM on wiggle (if he had nothing traitorous).
As for Dogmeat2 you have the round 2 possible attempted RDM (If soup did nothing traitorous). Then the Round 3 RDM on Gabe. And the Again attempted on Soup. (Inno on inno this time.) Not enough in the evidence for bans Unfortunately.
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