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Give the discord its proper Jams
(01-11-2021, 11:34 PM)Jammin Wrote: Discord Name: jammin

Discord ID: jammin#8313

When First Joined(Estimate): 23 September 2020
What is your age: 26 (holy shit im old)
What rank are you applying for (Helper or Moderator): Helper

What can you do to help the Discord community: I feel that I can lend a hand in keeping the discord sane. As a very active staff member on TTT for a while, I know how to handle situations of harassment, chatspam, racism, etc. I feel I could very effectively enforce the rules of the main discord server. I would handle discord with a similar approach to in-server chat - no spam, be respectful/don't flame/don't harass/don't spam, but obviously discord is not a game server. I'm not the top discord poster but I am online and check it frequently, and am responsive to server pings. I'd be happy to respond to discord pings in a similar fashion.

Why you want to help the Discord community: I feel the discord on-call staff is lacking due to multiple resignations. I feel we should have more staff available who can help with a potentially volatile situation should one arise, as well as someone to help reduce the shitposting moderately in the game channels. I feel too much spam happens in several of these server-specific channels now, and I feel like I can help direct conversation as appropriate. But my main desire is to ensure that the discord channels have more staff online to handle on-call situations, for when the highest of severity issues pop up.
I also want to strengthen each server channel to be directed towards their intended purposes. No more #hackerInDR spam in the prophunt chanel - lets let the servers have server-based discussion in there.

Other: I won't let this ruin my dinkleberg's experience, don't worry Wink

Also i'm not sure i'd be qualified enough under normal curcumstances, but when there are only 2 active non-red discord staff (that i'm aware of - bot and Noire), that's an issue. Its not the admin's job to patrol the discord, though they right now they more or less are the discord police. I feel I can handle the obvious situations well (no harassment, no spam, no flaming, no spam pinging, no slurs/racism, etc.), and I will likely seek out discretionary training on handling shitposting in various channels.
I'm nowhere nearly as qualified as other active applicants (simpray Smile) but I hope I can still help quell some of the madness.

Quick edit: Send me feedback please! I'm newer to the discord world, I still see it as a voice-enabled slack board.
Edit: While reading through more of the documentation, I see the VSMKB (verbal, strike, mute, kick, ban) - I take this approach in-game to the TTT server, so I am very comfortable doing this.
In TTT, while I do try to follow the TTT guidelines, I find that verbal warnings are helpful before going to AWarn. But I have no problem warning people after a verbal warning. And major things like direct slurs don't deserve a verbal warning, in my opinion.
Edit: exact date added for discord join thanks to auttaja bot
+1, slurs and shitposting in video games are serious issues and I am glad to have more mature individuals taking hardline stances on inappropriate language and behavior on the internet Smile
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We the people of the United Servers of Dinkleberg's TTT deserve good discord staff and @Jammin  is more than qualified for this role


Alright now jammin if you see this:
... . -. -.. / - .... . / -- --- -. . -.-- / - --- / -- -.-- / .--. .- -.-- .--. .- .-..
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"Go ahead mom, take away my XBOX, you can't unfuck the Thanksgiving Turkey"
so this nigga aint -1 me again ill be a little constructive or whatever

he do be carin and shit and likes the server and allat and knows his stuff and whatnot, y'feel? plus discord helper is a joke and no one will give him the proper roles for a month or tell him how to actually do anything so someone needs to figure that out to teach the next person anyway


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-courtesy of a sarcastic fish
bumping because synth selfishly only did his (how rude!)
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