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Hey everyone! Im Toxicshane. Some of yall have already ran into me. Mostly on prophunt. Little bit about me. I don't hide in corners on prophunt thats just a myth created by some people on the server. I have sucked Dink's toes while jailed (there is video proof on best moments.) And well people seem to think Im a funny person. Alright see yall later.
(02-20-2021, 03:49 PM)Toxicshane Wrote: I have sucked Dink's toes while jailed

Welcome to the forums! Smile
Heyo Shane C:
Welcome to the forums!
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Welcome to the forums, nerd! Make sure to watch for your bedtime and no hiding in the corner >->
Don't make eye contact with any shitposters, they'll get ya
"Geb is as innocent as a Grim Reaper... Just without a sharp stick." 
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Howdy howdy!

Stupid spots work better than corners.

Welcome to the forums!
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Sup nerd, gimme toes
"Your voice has resting bitch face"
-Travis, 2020
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Hello, Welcome to the forums!
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-Resigned Ph Trusted
(02-23-2021, 12:15 PM)MissPauling Wrote: Sup nerd, gimme toes
Give me yours first

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