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Third times the charm.

Lets get down business. I know I may repeat a lot of what others have said but I dont care. Yes Pauling can be brash but I like to think we need a bit more wild in the server.
I have witnessed her in game a bunch as we play a lot together. Now, we have to remember that this IS A GAME, an online game. There is always going to be trolls and jerks that come on, and Pauling is able to combat them with a very different attack than most staff. I have see her sass back to trolls and on occasion it has had a very interesting result, sometimes the trolls being to respect her because she doesnt automatically shut them down which other staff tend to do. They listen when she tells them to chill and such, instead of escalating and fighting with staff. Now this doesnt work all the time but when it does it is magical. I say this because in the past I have shut down trolls and others so quickly that it kills the game almost, instead of possible banter, the server goes quiet. ( you know i dont use that word lightly) and sometimes people prefer a completely silent server but I dont, I like to hear people enjoying the game, having fun, and even making new friends. Yes the conversations can take a turn and then discipline has to be enforced, but not always and not always in the same way.
Pauling has grown since becoming staff but her attitude is still something people have a problem with, "shes rude", "her binds are inappropriate" "she called me a doorknob once and it hurt my feelings"... we really need to remember that the server rules say to keep it PG-13, idk if many of you know what that means but it means that most stuff can be said as long as it doesnt cross the furthers of lines or R rated. Having fun with the binds or reasons for punishments isnt a bad thing, we all have different ways of saying the same thing. Some are just more blatant and fun.
Again, this is an online game and staff are not paid therefore we are not required to follow most "professional" rules. We are encouraged to act in a certain manner but most of our rulings do end in staff discretion, which means we can act accordingly and morph the rules if it necessary to the situation. Pauling listens to other staff and knows when to let them help and handle something if its gotten out of her hands or she informs us of what has happened and what she will do about it. She doesnt act alone in many of her decisions and I for one have her back, even if having her back means telling her to cool it. Staff are humans and have emotions so it is fair to help each other whenever they need it.

Pauling has become even a metaphorical mother figure to a lot of people on the server, some of those even including individuals who were trolls at some point. I have heard many say she is like the badass biker chick mom/aunt that people respect and listen to. She has a crunchy and weird exterior but on the inside shes all goo.

+1 Pauling. We need your sass on occasion.
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Hey Pauling!
I see you are trying to go green! What about the blue club?? We gonna miss ya!
For real though I think you would be an awesome Mod! I can see you handling situations very well and with confidence.
I have seen you do it in game and on the server so many times. I believe you know what you are doing and I am going to be fine to let you leave the blue club *Insert dramatic sound clip here*.
I think you are very capable and ready for the position. you have been around a lot and you keep being active on the server (unlike this bot guy am I right??)

Anywho I think I rambled enough +1 from me! 

Good luck!
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My bb Pauling-

I was incredibly excited to see you apply but I am also going to be incredibly honest. (as I am usually with things)
You are as active as ever after coming from your classes, exams (unlike that B0T guy, amirite?), etc. I've played with you, I've staffed with you this entire time and I've witnessed growth! You can handle yourself against trolls really well compared to most, and have a mostly mature energy about you when problems arise. The playerbase loves ya because you can make friends really easily from them and you help them out whenever you can! You also know where your limits for things are and ask for help when needed which is honestly stressed so much within the PH staff team that it's okay to ask for help when theres too much to handle or when you just need to step back for a bit. I love playing with you, you make it fun for everyone involved, but know when you need to be (mostly) serious.

There was a time where I didn't exactly like how things were handled by you. For example: The situation with that one kid. There was some comments thrown around I thought were unnecessary at the time by both parties. And the fact it was being pushed for his permaban that didn't sit well with me of course. But once he showed some change, you backed off from it which I thought was very mature. You even started to work on things like the comments previously stated and I love that you are! I understand some people aren't very pleasant to deal with because of course people will target the staff that deals them punishment. I know I've had a few of those. Some sass can and is def necessary for specific people. Just not everyone. This is the only thing I had a problem with but you've done better since then.

I'd still love to see you in the dark blue crew! There's more positive than negative on my end. I love ya very much-
A big ol ( +1 ) from this guy!
Please continue to kick (my) ass! Stay sassy as ever.

Who's that B0T guy anyway? LMAO
"Geb is as innocent as a Grim Reaper... Just without a sharp stick." 
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Oh, GUURRRL it time for sassy momma to join on the mod squad!!!

I see that you have that type of attitude which can be great as a Mod

because Most mods do have to be strict like a parent scolding a child whom done something wrong, however

Mods are not everyone's "internet parents" on here,

(Fish would explode me with that tbh)

The Knowing the truth of a situation is indeed needed for a Mod so they can

have a proper judgement over a situation petty or not on the server.

We all may have flaws, but that what make us human and it wont change in a single day but it can change when the person themselves can

prove it not to other but to themselves as well.

You are one of the few that do take it seriously but not in a harsh way more like tell me the incident, 

what the evidence that proves it, and has this been a repeated issue in the past.

In, conclusion I think Pauling should be welcome to the Mod squad.

Results: +1
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Can I get a bump, my bbs <3
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-Travis, 2020
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I don’t play PH, but from a community standpoint Miss Paulings is good staff. She’s active and mature.
I’m not sure a +1 from me will do any good, since once again I don’t play PH, but +1
Miss Pauling!  
I have been able to play with you a ton, and even talked with you outside of the server.  I can say this honestly, you are a funny, kind and awesome person.  You know how to handle trolls, ghosters, etc.  You know the rules front and back, you're fair and honest.  I feel that you share the same level headedness I see from people like Abdel and Triangle (also great mods). 
I know I'm just a donor but it's a giant +1 from me.
Hope to see you in dark blue Wink
~ PH Donor Ashley ~
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