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Discord Mod
Discord Name: synthray

Discord ID: 767143638429204521

When First Joined(Estimate): Nov 2020
What is your age: 20
What rank are you applying for (Helper or Moderator): Moderator

What can you do to help the Discord community: I can provide late night attention to the discord, which is the time trolls (I think) usually join and offer some quick/official support to the place while the rest of the quartet is not available or at other places. I can provide some feedback on the Discord, as I wrote to the group in the past regarding the status of the Discord.

Why you want to help the Discord community: Things move straight there and so far to me it's been a good experience. Also because I've been trying to experiment and discuss some projects that would bring some benefit.

Other: It's surprisingly different: the place is somewhat more strict than TTT and I've tried stuff that never thought was worth moderating: to think I'd need to write to Disc's Trust and Safety. Also, I was considering going straight for Admin but I'm going to be conservative and get more experience under my belt. God is in the details and some spring cleaning would be nice for the place. That's why I was thinking admin: two bots are no longer active/they are dead projects; Fredboat is Staff for some reason; Auttaja has no documentation but it's still alive (not sure if looking for an alternative is good atm); some user classes may write on relays? never tried that but checking permissions on all roles might be good as well. Not sure about the ToS and Guidelines: they look nice on paper but regarding the 'DM discussing misconduct' last time I wrote someone to discuss misconduct it didn't go well.

I commited some errors and tried to fix them:

  • Didn't get evidence at first: fixed by taking screenshots beforehand for future use.
  • The DR block ping: I know, I was playing with fire and I apologized. Won't happen again.
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+1 you have done a good job stalking and lurking around doing good at discord things like making sure we dont gif spam and not post some specific things, but in all i think you would do good as a discord mod just make sure when you get there tell noire he sucks and convince dink to let discord mods give donor role to the right memers
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meep moop.
been ignoring this since 1. biased (also discord staff) and 2. this is essentially a no-brainer.
That being said, @"synthray" if you are serious about going for admin start talking to dink about it. I'd encourage you to come up with a plan for moving forward there.
For the big reds deciding this, synthray enforces the rules well, is very knowledgable about the various discord bots, and can really help improve the discord setup.

I think my vote is obvious so i'll share it: +1
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When you queue cringe
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He helps people when he needs to,he punishes them when he needs to.As far as I can see, he can handle anything shitposting,racism,harrassment etc.

I suggest you talk with Dink,and wait longer to become Discord admin.

Can I get a bump for the non-ASAB discord helper?
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When you queue cringe
[Image: dan_ceebeast_gif.gif]
+1, synthray has a good amount of knowledge of discord itself, and would be a good face for the discord, as they are a neutral, level-headed and active member of the community.

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