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Unban Request
Discord Name: Captain Narwhals

Discord ID: Captain Narwhals#5726

Who Banned You: Auttaja (Punishment ID#: 849208413233168)

Reason For Ban: "Permanent ban due to breaking Discord TOS with crash gifs"

Length of Ban: Permanent

Reason for Admins to Unban: I did not post a crash .gif, rather it was an .mp4. I only just learned about crash files today, and was not aware that it was against TOS. I can understand how a .gif file would be troublesome since they play automatically, however an .mp4 such as the one I posted requires you to press the play button. I did not think it would cause any trouble as once discord gets force reset once you could merely not click the play button again. Regardless, I will not post any such files again now that I'm aware that it's against Discord TOS.

Have you been banned before(any of our platforms & Link relevant threads): No.

Other: None
Hello Captain,
I am your banning staff member. 
According to discord Terms of Service, any files that can "damage the operation of service or other user's computers" are considered against Discord's TOS. This has been discussed multiple time outside the community by discord staff team (actual discord employees) and we are following what discord wants us to follow. Everyone is held responsible for the content posted by their account. It has to adhere to discord's Terms of Service. They are also very annoying if clicked at the wrong time.

[Image: TiQIW9V.png]

Since you did state that you apologize and you will not post those mp4s again, I would be fine with a reduction. You did not know what you were doing is wrong due to how burred it is in their legal language.

+1 for reduction or unban. 

Good luck with your unban request!
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[Image: l4704yy.png]
+1 on a reduction at the least. You seem genuine and I think you deserve a second chance, don't let me down Smile
[Image: b3vgZkuBjUDJJUgi3tzgLSKcTSvoyabAUrdgPGA6...authuser=0]
(05-10-2021, 09:20 PM)Captain Narwhals Wrote: I did not think it would cause any trouble as once discord gets force reset once you could merely not click the play button again.
This line is my main concern - the video is designed to make the desktop app crash. This goes beyond a level of "normal trolling."
As B0T explained, it is a discord TOS issue. Current policy for discord TOS violations is for a permanent ban to be issued.
However, I can understand the confusion, as this isn't specifically called out in our rules, or in the discord guidelines.

Because of the serious nature of the incident, it will not be a direct unban, but will be a reduction.
After consultation with the other staff members, your ban will be reduced to 1 week from the date of the ban.
Your ban will expire on Monday, May 17th.
When you queue cringe
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