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False alt-evasion
Overall, acting as some is quite....foolish
because it appears funny, trolling, and some player at time would notice is this the legit player
has come back and take it for granted.

I'm surprised that you used Paste's pfp and name and attempt to seem legit to the point this ban had to be taken place.

At least you didn't pretend to be a player who is completely remove from this community because not just that dangerous, but also put a risk of why this person come back by are they fully alting or are they being a fake sneaking to get back to the community....

In my opinion I was on the fence with is this gonna be on the PH dumbest moments or that not clearing that you doing this as a meme or as a joke to other players, might be good to say so then hiding it all under the carpet. I seen some alt account players who act and play as the player who was temp or perma banned with or without a similar ip address.

I'll say +1 on ban reduction

But you have to face a temp ban for now since you did broke rule 12 from what Fish said and well we can't go fully unban without any punishment for a joke or for favoritism on any player since it might allow other trolls and some trolls who stay in this community to do the same thing with a mind of "I'm doing what you doing and I'm not getting punish for it".
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[Image: YWj4Wn.gif]
(06-02-2021, 10:14 PM)HARMLESS Wrote: I actually think the time of an account does matter.  If you check Paste's account he played ~50 hours in the last 2 weeks while I played ~90 hours.
While it is true that some people may have family accounts, if my account was actually a family account, it should have the same IP as Paste when I play a game then.
True, I could spoof my IP address, but then we are saying that every time paste got on his alt account, he purposely changes his IP address.
This is pretty far-fetched if you ask me.  So that would put Paste at ~140 hours in 2 weeks.
It is really easy to be on 2 accounts simultaneously and have different IP addresses for them, anyone who has played gmod for a decent amount of time can easily figure out how to do this.  I have played on 2 different game types on Gmod at the same time. Yes, I had a different IP address for both accounts. Therefore, you saying that the idea is far-fetched is incorrect; the idea was just beyond your ability probably.  

In regards to the other staff members believing that I was Paste, I still would purport that the evidence for an alt evasion ban needs to be raised. Fish covers this in his comment. 
As you said, the methods you used to normally catch alt evaders failed.  In my humble opinion, that should be a litmus test. <- Not used properly but I get what you mean
If someone can change their name/profile and get someone banned easily, then it might be a good idea to raise the level of proof required. OR read the rules and don't do something stupid. 

I looked at the trolling rules specifically because of what I mentioned above.  After further reading the rules, I don't see a separate category for racism (just trolling) < Situation 11 >. It is outlined more in the Staff guidelines than the PH rules. 
If racism is separated from trolling, I think the PH rules should be amended for clarity.
You did mention that people saying the N-word first get a warning (which I honestly think does more damage than what I did). Fair, however when believed to be an Alt evasion that is where the issue was. 
I know for a fact that racism on the server has put off new players before. Irrelevant 
While changing my name/profile to what Paste had was wrong, I would argue that the racism from players is worse.  However, my ideas for the rules about racism can be saved for a suggestions post.  This is about you impersonating a player not about something being worse. That's like you robbing a bank then saying "well, Ted Bundy killed a bunch of people and that's way worse than what I did". 

To end my explanation, I would argue that while my (Lack of) answers to your questions were suspicious (again, I couldn't revisit the chat after my ban so I was going from memory, so I apologize for misremembering details), that shouldn't be enough for an alt evasion ban. I argue that suspicion is more than enough, because if you aren't paste then we end up here and the problem is easily resolved. Also, if you communicated clearly with THE ADMIN this wouldn't be an issue. Also also, if you read the rules about impersonating players we definitely would not be in this situation. 
All it takes is someone to maliciously pretend to be someone else to get them banned.  While I'm sure you don't like the idea of some bad actors "slipping through the cracks", but still banning when your normal methods of alt detection fail seems dangerous. <-- There's unban sections for a reason, Staff are not perfect and sometimes there's a limb we have to go on. 9 out of 10 times the hunch is correct, this was just the 1 of 10. 
However, I'm not an admin/mod and it's not my server, so of course, your word(s) are final. That's debatable but I'll allow it. Yes this is a bad attempt at a joke. 

Finally, @TheUltraFish, I don't appreciate the personal comment you made by calling me a creep.
On the applications for staff, you and the other mods consistently use "professionalism" as one of your standards for evaluating the applications.
I would ask that you refrain from your personal opinions of others when drafting your comments.

I will respect the decision of you and your mod team.  If you have any other questions/comments, I would be happy to answer them.  Have a good night.

TL : DR 
+1 on reduction to the 24hr.  Not trying to start a fight with my comments, just making a few notes. 
So I’m going to take the hit for this one. It was me that asked Fish to get on so we could investigate more as to who you were. There have been a few issues with the original Paste and his attitude so him alt evading wasn’t a stretch to me. Yes we did all the usual checks that we do but you avoiding questions and answering in the way you did was suspicious. You even lied to me and told me you drew the profile picture, when I knew the picture was Pasteskeleton’s. 

[Image: unknown.png]

We asked you who you were, we told you Pasteskeleton was banned and that act evading was a perm ban….that was your opportunity to say hey I’m not him in just messing with you guys. Does he even know that you’ve done this or was he in on it? 

You entered the server and said hello to me directly. I said hello, do I know you? You ignored me. I thought hmm someone is messing with me here. You did the same when Fish got into the server. As if you were waiting for a reaction. 

It’s pretty stupid to impersonate someone who is banned, as this is what happens. We take alt evasion seriously as it shows a complete disregard for the rules. 

Like I said at the beginning I will take responsibility for this and I agree with the rest that your ban be reduced to 24hrs and I will also fix the original Paste’s ban to his original timeframe.

We would also like to add that if you impersonate again it will be a lengthier ban and will be taken just as seriously.
[Image: unknown.png]
The mods are in agreement and so am I. You have been ban has been reduced to a day.
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

Make sure to make the day.

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