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Banned 5-6 years ago
I hate cheaters. Don’t do it again, it’s been 6 years so I hope that you learned your lesson. +1
6 years is more than enough time served even for cheats. +1 for unban
I am a very firm believer that hackers should never get unbanned.
But in the gaming world, Never and 5 years are pretty close to equivalent for me. Had this been 3 years, I'd be closer to a NO.

He's admitting to it (or he did prior to format) and says he was young and dumb. We've all been young and dumb before. He seems to have matured some.

Also this is specifically scripting, which manipulates inputs only. This is presuming he wasn't actually Lua inserting, or accessing server information. Assuming that is the case, and we don't really have proof to the contrary, I I think this is a step down from hacking, and is eligible for some form of forgiveness.

+1 unban with close supervision.
When you queue cringe
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I fucking hate cheaters but 6 years is an inordinate amount of time and if you're even a remotely functional human now you probably have learned your lesson so +1
You've been unbanned.
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