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unban request
I swear people have the worst victim complexes whenever they break the rules and get mad someone calls them on it/punishes them for it lmao. The "Abuse Of Power" Statement is absurd and a very poor attempt at justifying breaking the rules. Nice try tho.
Never Forget


Retired TTT Trusted. 9/15/21 - 11/12/21
Honestly, i'm surprised this ban hasn't come sooner.  You have been very loose with your donor powers, especially when staff are on.  As a staff member that has felt your anger, I can personally say that a month is pretty lenient for what you have done.  You regularly argue with staff when you do something that is against the rules, but you spam your binds when you see someone else doing anything wrong.  This may not be the right place to say this, but you regularly hide in illegal spots and when asked to move or show more of your prop, you start to argue and get very mean when you get tp'd.  I have tried to reason with you on multiple occasions, but as others have said, you think the rules don't really apply to you just because you donated to the server.

TL: DR   big -1 from me.  Take this month to reflect and brush up on the rules and donor guidelines.  See you in the PH field when you get back.
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Your unban request has been denied. 

This is not the first time that we have had issues. You already have a donor strike for misusing your donor powers, you've been told many times about hiding in illegal spots which you then argue about and then this time you were acting up on server and decided to threaten the person trying to keep the peace on the server.

I find it very ironic that you like to throw around your power on the server when it suits you or someone pisses you off but when a donor is trying to actually use their powers correctly you turn into a troll. Taking all that into account Fish and I discussed it and decided that a month was appropriate. Take this time to have a break, cool down and come back with a clear head. 

Further issues will mean more punishment or losing your donor powers.
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