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Discord unban request for InfinityTheLion#2787
(06-30-2022, 08:29 PM)Scoovie Wrote: As long as he's sober he should be fine, but obviously if he returns to causing drama just reban him.
Thank you Scoovie.
Based upon the length of time that has passed, the testimony given by @Avi and @Scoovie, feedback from the community, and a vote of the discord staff team, we have agreed to unban you at this time. This appeal has been Accepted.
There is some concern that you claim to not remember anything about the incident, especially when others involved in the past do recall some of the situation. Our staff was not unanimous in wanting you unbanned, and several still express concerns. However, based upon the time that has passed and Scoovie's ok on the matter, I think we can let you back in for one last chance.
If you in any way, shape, or form revert back to harassing others or breaking other server rules regarding drama, insulting staff, or anything else, you will find yourself banned again. Please read our full server rules carefully and follow them when rejoining our discord.

People can change in 3 years, and I hope that you truly have changed.
Welcome back.
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