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1st Discord Ban Request in ~2 years
Offender's Discord Username: Scrack#8207

Offender's Discord User ID: 647578342232555530

Potential Witnesses: @tiefling lesbian @Nelluc9 @Gabe 

Rule ViolationRule 6 and 7 mostly but it probably falls under something else.

Evidence: hhhhh

Other: He was muted for a previous offense so hopefully a ban of some sorts ends up happening
+1 for ban, we don't need someone like that anywhere near this community
+1 for ban. I timed him out for a week initially, all they do is cringe trolling
Theres Discord Ban Requests?  Neat

+1 this guy doesn't belong here
I remember this dumbass got muted for a reason I can't recall.
+1 Get em outta here.
[Image: image.png]
+1 dude was clearly trying to be as edgy as possible, very awkward.
                                   [Image: qFmo2rj.png]
Permabanned. In the yet to be announced new moderation policy, their actions would have added up to a permaban, and with over 10 warnings/mutes/verbal warnings, his actions havent been mitigated.

Thanks for the report.
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