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(09-06-2023, 04:35 AM)tiefling lesbian Wrote:
(09-06-2023, 02:14 AM)Nicol Bolas Wrote: Me

reason: i did some stuff and said some things idk i love talking about myself.
who are you

This is Nicol Bolas erasure and I will NOT stand for it
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[Image: Verde_y_Amarillo_Ilustrativo_Generico_En...rtel_7.gif]
(08-29-2023, 09:08 PM)lacer Wrote: lacer and saitama and reina and lance and halfdemonlink and rits and gabe and queef and

i'm suing you for putting my name that close to rits
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[Image: IMG_6393.png]
bless. Killahassassin As well

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