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Well here I am again :3
Ingame Name: MysticalElfWarrior

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:442524959

Time Played: 1,066 hrs

When First Joined: 2022??? 

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): M-F Anytime CST

Rank Desired: T-Mod 

Current Rank: Trusted 

What can you do to help the community: I can make sure that any player that wants to just troll and make the sever a not nice experience that they are taken care of according to the rules.

Why you want to help the community: I know that the server has been kind of dead lately, but I still stand with wanting to make the sever a safe place for every player that gets on and that they have a good experience while playing.

Have you been previously banned? (Link Relevant Posts): No 

Have you previously applied for staff (Link Relevant Posts): No 

How did you find us?: After Playing Ph for a little while i stumbled upon murder and decided to give it a try.
[Image: 5aae1d868cbecbd21faa9756bb2d7314.jpg]

I'll +1 looking at the tracker you're active on server #2 on tsar behind another regular i recognize. Tmod is just a bump up with perms so I don't see the harm
[Image: J6yUs0g]
Took you long enough to apply. I've been waiting for this and have been a +1 from the start. I think you'll do great with the extra tools you will have as T-Mod.

good staff
Incepimus, Nunc et semper.
This means that "we begin, now and forever", and translates as "always we begin again"
What this actually means is that we should always strive to better ourselves, because tomorrow is a new day.
I hope you take it to heart. Remember, an improvement, no matter how small, is improvement.

I honestly think that this should double for both murder and prophunt, every time I've seen her on either server, she's been an absolute joy to play with. Incredibly friendly, incredibly helpful, and from the looks of it, she's been trusted on both for a long time and deserves to go up.

Easy +1, absolutely believe you should apply for prophunt too. ♡
[Image: ac7pbrI.png]
- courtesy of coco <333
I see you on a lot, and you don’t cause trouble. Active amongst the community, so easy +1

I see you on a lot, and you don’t cause trouble. Active amongst the community, so easy +1

Why did it post twice like this? Too lazy to fix it. Oh well 2 +1s lol
???????? ??????

I might not be your admin anymore but I see the work you put in.” Proud” would be an understatement so I wholeheartedly endorse your promotion :)
[Image: ErQ4M8K.jpg] 
Mystic gets my approval even if i dont understand the choice itself lol.

She is active now, was highly active when the server itself was active. She was and is one of the most active staff members in the past year or so besides maybe carson back when the server was active. So no issues with me when it comes to the promotion and the server being inactive atm as i know how she handles the rules and such when it was. she vary much could have been promoted ages ago.
Mystic is more inline to help and not punish new/er players who dont quite know the rules yet when they are broken. Helping where she can with new players regarding rules, simple commands, and even how the shop and inventory works. things that help keep players around and not push them away. She has always been friendly when talking with these people that come on and is rarely sarcastic or hateful like some in the past. Which for the most part deescalates most situations she in, while there have been times it didnt help like the whole dude that tried doxing her ways back.

Again i dont quite understand why she wants to continue, but its her choice and i support her in it.
Even though I don't have my perms in game or here on the forums yet, your application has been accepted. I love seeing the way you staff helping other out and this was such an easy decision. You'll do great with the extra permissions in game.

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