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PH Ban Request
Offender's Name & Steam ID:
Lasteroid Daddy Hack IV:
Steam ID 64: 76561198346184062
Steam ID 32: STEAM_0:0:192959167

Real Aryan Trapstar:
Steam ID 64: 76561198868707584
Steam ID 32: STEAM_0:0:454220928

Potential Witnesses: Nobody, I was alone with them on the server. Later on some people joined (and they got threatened too) but I can't find them.

Reason to Ban: Racism, rape threats, homophobia, death threats, albeism

Yeeeeaaahhh, say the relay of these two and they just causing trouble...
 +1 for a ban, maybe a perma since they are nothing but trouble.
[Image: fce0cd09fdc96ca73df8963eeac3f694.jpg]
What a surprise, it's the weekend and there are people calling others slurs and all that. Easy +1, pretty obvious they deserve a ban lol
Aryan Trapstar (STEAM_0:0:454220928) has been banned permanently due to the severity and Lasteroid Daddy Hack IV (STEAM_0:0:192959167) has been banned for a week for minge (racism/ghosting/weird comments).

Thank you for the ban request!
???????? ??????

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