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How is your relationship with the games?
Making this post to open up opportunities for you to talk about what playing really brings you good.
Sometimes it can be cool, fun when played with friends... but it can mean something deeper to each person. I don't think we play for nothing, and I think about playing all my life.
Fun fact: I've been playing since I was 4 years old with my older brother, picking up very good references from PS1, PS2 and PS3 games
Most impactful games in my life: Digimon Wolrd 3, All of the Crash saga, Tomb Raider, Guitar Hero, Bomberman...
From my teenage years I played a lot LOL and I got really nerdy playing Gmod too at the same time, this from 2013 until now (My potato pc is nostalgic)
And now, tell me about you guys a little bit too, any cool stories to tell about how games influence you from childhood to now?
My dad passed away when I was a kid but some of my earliest and best memories involve him letting me play Medal of Honor: Underground on the ps1 with him. Whenever my mom wasn't home or paying attention, he'd just sneak me a controller and we'd have some fun killing each other.
[Image: FZxEbKr.gif]
1 hour of ranked siege match 

[Image: lethargic-and-depressed-spongebob-yot0otudfc27g5n2.jpg]

I started playing games around 2, which was Call of Duty 3 on the 360. My Dad was and is still gaming, but he introduced me to games at a very young age since he was one himself. Eventually, I got my own ps3 with my brother and we started playing lots of games, bo1, bo2, destiny 1, all the other og games, up till today. I made plenty of online friends with my brother and started groups ourselves. I’ll play with my dad here and there now when new destiny 2 dlc comes out, but he’s been grinding Assassin’s creed valhalla while I just grind siege… but lots of fun memories, too many to include, but lots of core memories with him and my brother.
Everyone talking about their start to gaming but ill talk about back when I got my first laptop I got garrys mod because I watched youtube videos of vanoss crew playing it and to get more textures in garrys mod I bought CS:GO never thinking I was even gonna play the game. After that I watched a sparkles video showing a team called Cloud 9 make a come back on dignitas on mirage and watching that comeback and the hype I felt watching it back in 2014 made me boot up the game for the first time. Now ten years later investing thousands of hours into the game Im not half bad at it but the reason I even played it in the first place was extra gmod textures LMAO. :)
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Future owner  :D
For me games are nice because you can make memories with the important people in your life on them. I have fond memories battling on guitar hero against friends, getting whooped in Naruto ultimate ninja by my older brother and getting my younger sister her first desktop, but my favorite memories have to be playing for a hour with my dad when i was like 4.
I grew up in section 8 housing and my dad worked a lot. Outside of Sunday i was lucky if I got to see him before work or before bedtime. So the few memories of my dad from that time are when we would play sonic adventures on dreamcast together. The opening of sonics' story where the orca chases him has a special place in my heart because of my dad hyping it up as being super cool helping 4 year old me play.
[Image: J6yUs0g]
For the past 2-3 years I haven't really been playing games much since I have hobbies that involve not being at a computer every waking moment of the day and social outlets with real people in real life places (touching grass rn)

I do have fond memories with games like Minecraft though, I played a lot of modded minecraft as a kid, I went mega autistic mode on modpacks like Tekkit Classic and built huge automatic factories with the redpower pneumatic pipes and automatic crafting tables.

In 2016 I started playing Garry's Mod because I had a phone line ran to my house that could support DSL instead of just dial up (although we had satellite at the time, but you can't play multiplayer on satellite). I joined Dinklebergs PH and made a lot of friends, had my gamer moment and got community banned which led to me learning to make servers of my own, developed a lot of IT skills through doing that, and ended up taking a bunch of classes in computer networking and computer engineering. After that I moved onto community college and a few years later I've been working as a system administrator for a company for the past 2 years.

So basically I got banned on a garry's mod server, was too salty to go do something else, learned a bunch of IT to run shitty rival prophunt servers, and now I get my paycheck by making and running less shitty not prophunt servers. I do not look back fondly at this development because I will forever be cursed when people ask me how I got into IT, but dinks ph in 2016-2017 was some of the most fun I've had in games so that was pretty cool

these days though I do playthroughs of terraria with the boys every now and then, or whatever goofy multiplayer game is around. I also like the cute story games like Omori, Undertale, Hollow Knight, Undertale, etc. I am a sucker for good storytelling and love trying to figure out da lore while im playing

I am also a huge fan of Wolfenstein (2009), that was like the shit on xbox back in the day, if you played that game hmu none of my friends know what it is

sorry if this is typed like slop I have been drinking
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