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matt & whatsup ban request
Offender's Name & Steam ID:
STEAM_0:1:446982626: whatupwitches
STEAM_0:0:571082373: Matttheman1212

Potential Witnesses: Paradox, Nazu(s), MasterRose88

Reason to Ban: ew ew icky yucky
also gag evasion

[Image: dVe5C4F.gif]
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+1 def has weirdo energy
[Image: J6yUs0g]
STEAM_0:1:446982626: whatupwitches to be perma banned. we do not tolerate accusations involving CSAM at all.

STEAM_0:0:571082373 Matttheman1212 to ben banned for 7 days-minge (sexual gross shit, mic spam. )

also both for punishment evasion. forgor to add that

thank you for filing the ban request.
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