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All server ban announcement
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Gamers

It has come to the admin team's attention that a member of the community has been acting in a harassing manner towards a female member of the community, this behaviour is unacceptable and is not tolerated at all in the Dinklebergs community. 

To protect the individual involved, the evidence will not be released. Please do not attempt to identify or expose those who came forward with evidence, if you do you will be dealt with accordingly. 

Effective immediately Noname will receive an all-server Ban, with an appeal cooldown of 1 year (They cannot appeal this ban for 1 year from this date). 

Maintaining a community that provides a good playing experience and a fun environment is important, especially after recent events. If you have anything to add further regarding this case or another matter, please reach out to a member of the admin team, and we will assist as best as possible. We will answer any appropriate questions we can while maintaining the anonymity of the people involved. 

Thanks for your time.
Kaptain Les
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Fuck G-Cubed
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Thank you for everything you do! Glad there's one less creep in the community.
Glad this was taken care of, I will never understand the mindset people have to think acting like this is okay.
Retired gay boy
Yes I still play!!
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War. War never changes. -Ron Perlman

Good work
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