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i would like to share my favorite song, big girls dont cry
[Image: IMG_3569.png?ex=665f816c&is=665e2fec&hm=...436dcb26&=]

who else HATES fergie???????

also anyone else notice this POS bot cant even tell u how long ur warned for getting a lil fergalicious?????
[Image: rdm-corp-squarelogo-1446787792629.png]

Whatever Fergie sculduggery is going on ya didn’t even share her best performance of all time smh my head
[Image: frieren-fall-winter.jpeg]
W song
[Image: image.png]Don't take anything I say seriously
don’t send admins any songs or they will retire
Wait i just looked at the time stamp, whyd he get warned for something 2 days ago that he did a month and a half ago
[Image: image.png]Don't take anything I say seriously
who knows... I don't think anyone cares though now that its in shitposting >:)
[Image: 76561198079899620.png]
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