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(06-14-2024, 03:03 PM)Damien1579 Wrote: if goose gets accepted for staff we might as well make widsquard and steel waffle staff as well. -1

I think someone who aligns themselves with the incels and makes edgy jokes at the sake of minority groups within the community shouldn't be allowed to be staff.
[Image: 1200px-%22Freedom_of_Speech%22_-_NARA_-_513536.jpg]

Alright, I can see and understand the point you’re making here, but comparing Goose to SteelWaffle and Widsquard is a bit much. I’m a -1 on Goose becoming trusted, but you’re way off the mark with that comparison
I think it's too soon for you to apply for trusted. Take some time to build up your activity, work on mending past issues. -1
Noot Noot ~(^-^)~
Coming thru and insulting people isnt the move. Whether that be by comparison to someone else or personal level insults.

Goose I think you knew when you applied that you probably werent getting accepted. I dont know if this is even a serious application. If it is, I recommend that you get your hours up and work on presenting yourself as someone willing to work with the staff team and demonstrate an ability to follow rules and be a positive influence for players in game.

Spread Kindness, Not Hate.
I don't think, at this point, you're a solid candidate for Trusted.

Work on your hours and be a team player! Your humor is an acquired taste to put it at best so I think you should refrain from making your "jokes" while with the Dinks crew. It's like a "don't make a joke with Friend Group A while with Friend Group B" type of situation.

That being said, avoid using "black comedy" while on Dinks. (That's a real thing, Google It)

Your application has been denied due to inactivity and a history of behavioral issues.
You may apply again on 7/14/24.
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