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PH - News Bulletin - 2/4/2019

My name is Prince Nicky and I have a few bits of news to relate to the staff members and players of the Prop Hunt server this evening. 

First of all, I will be temporarily stepping in to serve as the PH Admin until new PH Admin(s) are selected. I have been with the Dinkleberg community for nearly 5 years now (celebrating my fifth anniversary in about a week) and have quite a bit of experience related to both the PH and TTT servers. In regards to the PH server, I have served as a staff member since October 2015. For most of that time, I was a moderator. In the previous absence of an admin, I served as admin for 4 months between March and July 2018. I chose to step down from my position to focus on my studies, entrusting Traitor with the server day-to-day operations.

What the PH staff have done in the absence of any admins in the past few months is extremely impressive. I laud them greatly. I do feel that the server could use some extra help though, especially keeping things up-to-date on the forums and on Discord. Our Moderators lack the ability to update ranks and certain posts on the forums, so I'd be helping out with this. 

My goal as the temporary admin is to get all the rules, guides, and lists updated on the forums and ensure that everything on Discord is maintained as well. I can also assist as a final arbiter of problems when Dink is unavailable.

The second bit of news is actually good news. Despite there being no admins, the Prop Hunt server itself has thrived amazingly well. In fact, it is ranked as the number one PH server on all of Garry's Mod. I ask that all staff members pat themselves on the back. This is no easy feat, and they have managed to do so despite all the challenges. Spectacular work!

Thanks all,

There’s a hacker on PH
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ACK! My gut!

Seriously though, thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to help.
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Nothing happened here.
Prince can you inseminate my wife whenever I have one so my kids are like you and not me?
I had no idea we were number one in PH. Holy shit.

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