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PH - News Bulletin - 2/11/2019

My name is Prince Nicky and I have a few bits of news to relate to the staff members and players of the Prop Hunt server this evening. 

The first bit of news is that I will be offering open chat hours via Discord on Fridays from 3:00-3:30 CST. You can come join me with any problems, concerns, or praise. This is kind of inspired by office hours that professors offer so please feel free to come and chat. 

I might end up expanding my times that I am available. If I have to miss staff hours, I will ask another staff member to sit in for me and they can hear you out. 

There also appears to be an issue of concern regarding the use of the 64 bit beta version of Garry's Mod. As Gabe has informed me, some players may be getting falsely auto banned by the anti-cheat on the server (yes the same anti-cheat that never seems to actually ban the actual hackers). Please keep this in mind and try to avoid using this version, if you can. 

The last thing I'd like to mention in this post is that I hope to launch a new map removal/addition process soon. So, if you'd like, you may start suggesting some maps to remove and add. I will get a formal thread up and going soon and I will add in recent suggestions to it, while compiling additional comments. 

Thanks all,

#2 this map has a lot of spawn locations (92) but is a big map. this map has decent spawn points (32)

I suggest removing clue and chalet since those are the ones that mainly crash alot
[Image: giphy.gif]
Like Kasumi said with Chalet and Clue But I would like to Add Youturd to it as well. Unstuck is broken an takes the props outside of the map. Sometimes abused sometimes Props are stuck and they have  no choice but to use !unstuck to realize they die from gravity.

School as well. No prop menu and its over played to much to the point you have to use the same spot Like inside House or whatever its called. Except it has a prop menu but not many places to hide as well and everyone Nukes a certain area to which the rounds go to round 10.

Im open to any new maps tbh even if its a Updated version of it
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As they said, clue chalet, and youturd are all extremely broken in their own ways.
I'd also like to suggest removing ammatrakines (sp?) as its one of the least favorites, every time we go to it players complain.
[Image: ddxz93p-7f7f064b-66eb-47ff-a5bf-ad25fbb3...DYVOP_TtMU]
[Image: badminconfirmed.png]
yes hello I'd like to suggest these maps

PH_forest:  the only "issue" with this map is that some of it requires css but it's a great map 40 spawn points no illegal spots that aren't already obvious like being not being able to been seen or shot and I think would be a great addition to the map list

PH_Infernaria: this one is the same as the ph_forest but it's also kinda small which is kind of a nice change of pace compared to some of the maps in our current rotation.

for now these are the only 2 I think we should really add I'll be testing more maps soon and hopefully I can find a few more gems like these 2

both are updated/new versions of two of our current maps Zombie Bunker & Restaurant I think both are going to be out of beta soon since both have Make a final HDR version,
Make it available for Source Film Maker, Better Optimization on his to do list.
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