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PH Staff Command List
These are the commands that each staff rank have in game, and the usage of them. This breakdown is to help you as staff, better understand the commands, and how/when to use them. Please note that each group, inherits from the previous. Mod will get all the commands that tmod has, tmod gets trusted commands, etc.

To use ulx commands, you can use the prefix ! before any of them. I.E. - !gag <name> will execute the command named. You may also open your console with ~ and type in ulx gag <name> and the command will execute this way.

You may also open the ulx menu, by doing !menu, or opening console with ~ and typing ulx menu.

Note, another command that all have access to, is status. Use this in the console command only, with ~, and type status, and hit enter. This will list all connected players, their id's, connection status (Connected, connecting, etc), and their time connected. This is useful for many things such as gathering ids, checking for afks, or etc.

When targeting users to use commands on such as kick/gag/etc, you may use the partial of a users name. For example, you can shorten !kick Mother Nuru. to !kick nuru. You may also start the beginning of the name and hit tab, for it to auto complete it for you.
Example: !kick moth(hit tab here, and the game will auto fill the rest of the name for you) Be sure to ALWAYS list reasoning for command usage.

WARNING! Make sure to check no other users have a similar name to the one you are about to execute a command on. Users with similar names will also recieve the results of said command. To avoid this, put the names in quotations.
I.E. If theres Nuru and Nuruu and you want to kick one for afk, do !kick "nuru" afk and only the one in quotations will be kicked.


Gag - This revokes a specified players microphone usage. Use ungag to undo this. (!ungag nuru)
Mute - This revokes a specified players chat usage. Use unmute to undo this. (!unmute nuru)
Kick - This kicks a player from the game. Be sure to ALWAYS state a reason on a kick with !kick <player> <reason> I.E. !kick Nuru afk
Friends - This lists all added friends that a specified user has. Useful for detecting ghosters/troll groups.
Forceswap - This is to swap a player to another team. It only works on hunters, props, and spectator.
Stopsounds(ss) - This is to stop all current playing sounds from playing on the map. This works for map music, mics, and player taunts.
Teleport(tp) - This will teleport the player where your crosshair is aimed.
Profile - Opens the steam profile of the specified user in the steam overlay.
Who - This is similar to the status command used in ulx.

Test Moderator

Slap - This is used to slap the specified player.  Mostly used to slap a prop out of an illegal spot. You may specify amount damage with this command as well. When left blank, the damage is zero. (!slap nuru 10 does 10 damage)
Ban - This is used to ban a player. Note that tmods can only ban up to 24 hours. You must specify the ban in the menu, or by typing it. (!ban nuru 1440 bans for a day)
Slay - This is used to kill the specified user. 
Csay - This is used to put an announcement in the top center of all players screens.
Csaycolor - This is used to put an announcement in the top center of all players screens, but in color. 
Bring - This brings the specified player to you directly, unlike teleport, which puts them where the crosshair points.
Vote - This brings up a vote, with two options. Useful for voting on force map changes.


Dban - This pulls up the list of disconnected players from the current map. This is used to ban players that have left recently/to avoid punishment. You can also easily copy names/ids this way.
Getcommandtable - This prints the list of commands that the specified user is running, into your console.
Watch - This adds a specified user to the watchlist. Be sure to put a reason.
Watchlist - This opens the watchlist. From here you may ban/unban, and remove/add players to the list.
Ban - This is used to ban a player. You may specify the ban in the menu, or by typing it. (!ban nuru 0 is a permanent ban)
Banid - This is used to ban an id, useful for ban requests. Be sure to specify the ban reason.
Unban - This is used to unban a player. Note the only time unban should be used is to unban a temp ban for a ban request or to fix your own bans. Otherwise you need administrator permission to unban.


Goto - This teleports you to the player specified. Note: This only works so far in third person(!3p) and with hunters/large props.
Send - This sends the first specified user, to the other specified user.
Freeze - This freezes the specified user, only physically. (!unfreeze to remove)
Fban - This freezes the specified user upon trying to ban. Useful for hackers.
Launch - This command launches the specified user straight up into the air.
Whip - This slaps the user multiple time, when damage is specified, each slap does that amount of damage. (!whip nuru 10 1 slaps ten times for 1 damage, for a total of 10 damage)
Ignite - This lights the specified user on fire. You may specify the time on this. (!ignite nuru 100 ignites for 100 seconds, and !unignite to extinguish the fire)
Jail - This locks the specified user in a jail for the amount specified, or until unjailed. (!unjail nuru to remove the jail, !jail nuru 100 to jail for 100 seconds)
Jailtp - This is the same as jail, but it teleports the player to your crosshair and then proceeds to jail them. (!unjail nuru to unjail.)
Xban - This fills out the id for the specified player upon trying to ban.
Explode - This command explodes the specified user, killing them upon usage. 
Ragdoll - This command turns the specified user into a ragdoll, rendering them motionless, and unable to do anything. Similar to freeze. (!ragdoll nuru to ragdoll, !unragdoll nuru to remove it) best used on hackers to render them useless while setting a ban if you don't use fban
Strip - This strips a specified user of all weapons, including melee. There is no way to undo this, so use it wisely.

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