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Removing map background noise
Listening to sounds of props clanging, footsteps and taunts is important (to me at least) for finding props, and for a while now the obnoxious background hums and buzzing has been showing up more frequently on the current map pool. It is absolutely deafening, you almost have to turn down your entire damn game just to hear your music, but that turns down the volume of ALL sounds, including taunts. Recently, I've found a way to prevent background sounds from looping:
  • Navigate to \GarrysMod\sourceengine\scripts
  • Scroll down to the "s" section and highlight all files that start with "soundscape"
  • Delete them or move them to another folder
  • Stopsounds
With that simple edit, you're now able to stopsound in console and not have background music loop. Enjoy playing with your volume turned up once more. Note that verifying integrity of game files may restore soundscape files, and stopsound will have to be ran on the beginning of each round.
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