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Citizen's ttt ban appeal
Ingame Name: Citizen

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:433018795

Who Banned You: Avi

Reason For Ban: Hacking

Length of Ban: Perm

Reason for Admins to Unban: There was no evidence of me actually hacking in game. The reason he told me on discord was that i said who the T was at the start of the round and that i said how someone died when they died right infront of me.
Also there was someone else cheating ingame who was a donar called evee (Video here -

Have you been banned before (Link relevant threads): Nope

Other: Thank for read
So this is what I've found so far just quick searching through some of what I recorded. 
First video you call out duck as a traitor when you're above ground and he's below ground with someone else (from another hacker's p.o.v. that I was recording).

Second video you call out Duck for killing Mint with the exact weapon he does it with when you're above ground bhopping and they're below ground as well as calling Evee a traitor when again she's underground with people and you're nowhere near them.

Third video, not as substantial but Im sure while you were on you were autobhopping, and this was all I could find so far in what I recorded of you hopping forward without strafing and it looks like you gain momentum without doing so while on the balcony?  Ill let others chime in on that more.

I will also note that ban evasion results in a permaban as well, as you decided to join back on several alt accounts (yes I can match ip's and no I won't put your ip here).  Those alt accounts are Citizen (STEAM_0:1:419341469), The Killfeed(STEAM_0:1:443360402), and reptillian (STEAM_0:0:523216450) for reference.  Also I would recommend if you're going to rejoin a server on an alt account, don't put a hyperlink on your alt that says "My Main Profile - Click Here).
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Duck was the traitor because he killed someone
Mint was not below ground he was above ground infront of the castle thing
i did 3 jumps on the balcony


I don't think that is enough proof to say that i am hacking
and i also posted a clip of someone jittering which is a form of anti-aim used in cheats and you just ignore it
So these clips aren't you blatantly cheating on Serious not even a month ago?
Clip 1
Clip 2

If you have any questions regarding the server rules or anything else, send me a forum PM.
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-1 this dude was blatant, was playing on the server during this time
Yea being able to call out traitors when you're no where near them..... also that first clip from Avi looks interesting to me in terms of your shooting.... just saying. Also using alts rather than fighting the ban here was a bad move on your part bud. 

But -1 on the unban and harassing the admin in discord by constantly pining them does not help your case.
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pretty sure this was the same guy ddosing a couple weeks ago under "toby" then claimed it was his brothers account lol
-1, i was on the server when he was calling out people for their role, and when he got banned.

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I’m not sure what the point was to get on the discord server to spam for an unban, to post inappropriate things, and threatening a player that you’re gonna get on an alt to rdm them. On top of the evidence and all that, your unban appeal has been denied.
You may reapply on 02/14/2020, good luck with that.

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