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Anyone mess around with the stock market? My current larger positions, not advice on what to do.

$SPY $328 Call 1/21 Exp
$TSLA $502.5 Call 1/31 Exp 
$APPL $300 Call 1/31 Exp

Some smaller stocks that are gambles, mostly liquidated, 
recession coming soon (1-2 years)

Trend is friend

I believe you have to be 18 in order to invest in the stock market, but I encourage those who aren't 18 to do research and take online courses/ watch videos on how to invest, how the stock market works, what effects it, different patterns and trends, etc. A lot of universities have competitions where you receive $XXX in fake money and you make daily trades within a certain timeframe and the person who receives the highest rate of return/ROI receives a scholarship or some other type of prize. If you're at all interested in economics or finance take a peek. It's never too early or too late to learn how to do something new.
I invested a ton into fast food places, especially McDonald’s Bc it is rescission proof
I have 1000$ invested in taco bell right now
save some flies for me guys
I'd put money in AMD, and quickly
They recently announced their Zen 3, which ya know, big deal. Also, In the near future, they seem to be wanting to release a bigger, better new, graphics card. You know, the NAVI, but for real this time.

And although Tesla's been up a LOT recently, I don't have the balls to go into options in them, especially looking at their past. They can go up or down at the drop of a hat. However, investing in them, that's a good idea.
[Image: 5n6kreee46a41.png]
I’m gonna invest my dick in your ass. Gotta get those Chinese stocks man.
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcStOsU9OPLILDf48fYDg...J&usqp=CAU]
(01-14-2020, 04:03 PM)Raider Hanks Wrote: I’m gonna invest my dick in your ass. Gotta get those Chinese stocks man.

Is that a promise? Wink

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