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Am I allowed to vote on things?
I see a lot of donors voting on things and giving there reasons but i try and avoid doing so because i don't want to spam it if we are not allowed to do so. On top of that do Donor votes actually matter? Or is it more of a nuisance to have them there takinig up space. Cuz if they do count, couldn't any group just buy donor and flood a vote?
If someone has stated critique on something like a staff app, you can always say +1/-1 saying they said what you wanted to

You're free to give an opinion as long as it's not a shitpost in a serious thread

Admins/staff take community support into consideration.

Didn't I tell you this before tho?
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Everyone who joins the forums is allowed to vote and is encouraged to. Community support for any matter is important. Just don't shit post like Brown said.
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In general, decisions are made by a general consensus rather than a hard vote count. +1 isn't what's taken into consideration; it's what you say about the suggestion that people look at, and everyone has always been free to do so as long as it isn't blatant shitposting.
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Yes what the others said. Feedback from the community is important, because there are times where you all see things that the staff might not see or you all have ideas that can make things improve. Just make sure if it's for staff apps the feedback is constructive and gives explanation and for other posts that it's not shitposting.
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I am the only one who makes the decisions here, sorry bud
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Only thing your allowed to do is +1 nopleez's ban appeal.

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