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Sact rdm and leave
Offender name: Sact 

Offender Steam id: STEAM_0:0:82238789

Witnesses: @DuckBentley 

Reason to ban: RDM and leave

Proof: [Image: ico_external_link.gif] [Image: ico_external_link.gif] [Image: ico_external_link.gif]
i was there and they did the rdm and leave, i issued le slay
[Image: Screenshot_105.png]
Player Mega Trap Salad changed name to salsa+kale=best salad
Player salsa+kale=best salad changed name to Cake
UwU Whats this sisters its a trappy wappy Hims a bads man and should gett the goods funishments for twicking the gemer gurls and bois pwease daddy mod pwease dont wet dis injustice continue on dis ser ver

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