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RussEfarmer's Discord Moderator Application
Because why not?

Discord Name: RussEfarmer

Discord ID: RussEfarmer#4738

When First Joined(Estimate): 10/16/2016 (though actually started using it mid December of 2019 after my unban)

What can you do to help the discord community: I've been moderating servers for over 3 years, and while it may be a good or bad thing, I think I have the confidence and initiative to deal with issues recently plaguing the Discord in a more proactive manner. While I try my best not to completely blast past rules and guidelines for staffing, I refuse to let rules and regulations get in the way of me and my fellow moderators achieving the primary goalgoal of protecting the user, and that's the truth. That fact might drive this application to suicide, but it's better than me lying about it.

Why you want to help the discord community: Discord is a critical communication platform for users of ANY niche, be it Gmod, mathematics, science, Minecraft, guns, or anything else. When people exist in those Discords purely to cause chaos and display their complete disregard for other people's communication, and no one is around to stop that activity in a timely manner, that communication platform might as well not be there, because you can't use the damn thing. If a community can't commune properly, there can't be a community. This is a fact I want to do everything in my power to prevent from becoming a reality in our Discord.

Other: Ban users, not channels!
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Contact at RussEfarmer#4738
Russ has been a good noodle since returning from his ban and he's always on discord. I believe he is ready for staffing responsibilities again
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1+ only if you ban Humane from Discord 

Kidding Big old rusty boy knows what he is doing 
And after being unban he has done nothing but help and can maintain himself for sure.

He is also very active on discord as  well so he can maintain the trolls e.g Humane.

Best of luck
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+1. He came back from an unban, and from what I hear from others, is doing an exemplar job at being a good person (hard to find that nowadays)

plus humane is a big meaniehead who says mean things to people to make himself feel better about himself. SELFISH!
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Ugh, I've already said this once today and I'll say it again. No shit posting in applications. Keep it about Russ and provide proper critique or just leave.
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Make sure to make the day.
Hello, as stated in the format/requirements to apply for Discord Moderator, applicants at this time must be at least 18 years old, and you do not meet this requirement.

This application has been denied and you can reapply when this restriction to the requirements is lifted or you turn 18.
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