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sex robot and i am big gay scripting
Offender's Name and Steam ID: 

Sex robot (STEAM_0:1:41099778)

I AM BIG GAY (STEAM_0:0:42524284)

Potential Witnesses: meemo, thunder

Reason to Ban: scripting plus aimbot


Other: auto slayed for 10000 times
I may look calm but in my mind I just killed you three times

#SMOL SQUAD 2016-forever

Nicol Bolas
I'm gonna ban Big Gay boi for scripting, however, I don't know if there's enough evidence for a ban Mr. Sex Robot. I'll leave this thread open for more discussion but Big Gay is banned.
Sex Robot was scripting pretty hard when I was on as well. I asked him about it and he said something about being able to hit the space bar really really quick and then he sent me a Wink lol
gotta +1 for both of them. they were there together (with another guy, but he left shortly after they did. and he wasnt as blatantly obvious about the hacking). They were both blatantly hacking at some points, mostly before Andre joined the server
In my opinion, there is not enough evidence for me to ban Sex Robot, he will be on a watchlist however he will not be banned as of now. Thank you all.

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