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My 1st hacker
Offender's Name: Obdachlos

Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:541067302

Potential Witnesses: Artyum

Reason to Ban: Hacking 
Proof: Right here

Other: I banned them for 24hrs due to limited ban for TMOD [gBan] Ginger has banned Obdachlos - Duration: 1440 minutes! (Hacking)

Obdachlos(STEAM_0:1:541067302) disconnected.
I can understand hacking on TTT or even Prophunt, but MURDER? That guy must be in a sad place..
[Image: horizontal-design-element-3.png]
NC farmer, productivity nerd, local tech handyman, antique electronics collector, meteorology hobbyist, slowly decaying
"Resigned" Prophunt Admin
Professional Prophunt nerd since August 2016
1,100 hours in Dink's PH, 3,600 hours total

Contact at RussEfarmer#4738
[gBan] Dirty Dan has banned Obdachlos - Duration: Indefinitely! (Hacking is strictly prohibited!)

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