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Sabre323 Trolling
Offender's Name: Sabre323

Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:170752156

Potential Witnesses: Genesis, Artyum, Splicer0513

Reason to Ban: Trolling
Proof: Please read description for more videos
If you kill an innocent bystander and your reason isn't listed above, you will receive a warning. The same is true for killing a murderer without knowing if they were a murderer or a bystander.
Warning 1: Verbal/Chat Notifications Saw the warning
Punishment 1: Slay Didn't see a slay for the 2x RDM 
Punishment 2: 24-hour ban If there was a slay why wasn't it recorded?
Punishment 3: 1 week ban

>No chat/mic spamming.

Screaming, singing, whistling, and humming into a mic is not allowed. Excessive loud speaking, pressing x where people can hear your game audio repeatedly, and repeatedly telling somebody to do something is not allowed as this can count as harassment. Playing music into a mic isn't allowed, repeating a word/phrase into the chat box, repeating a word/phrase using !p, and repeating sexual words/phrases is not allowed.

Warning 1: Verbal/Chat Notification Unknown if this happened

Warning 2: Verbal/Chat Notification+Mute/Gag for round this happened

Warning 3: Verbal/Chat Notification+Mute/Gag for map  this happened

Punishment 1: Kick Why wasn't he kicked? 
Punishment 2: 12 Hour Ban if he was kicked why was it not recorded? and without it being recorded doesn't the just make it word of mouth? 

Totaling out to 36 hour ban for the violations IF he was actually slain AND kicked yet continued. I'm not saying they're a good person or anything only that the system set out needs to be followed appropriately.  
If he wasn't kicked nor slain can we really jump to a ban? doesn't that go against the system? 
This says trolling, we'll he wasn't punished for the violations above so of course he'd keep going. No real consequences for his actions except being muted/gagged. 

things to think about maybe
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Proof of me slaying him after the second RDM.

spamming with mute

Proof of ungag and unmute

I really tried to reason with this guy.  

I also for got to mention I finally banned him and took a few hours for me to get these videos and all the proof.

One last thing.... Here is him mic spamming right before I banned him for 12hrs.
Agreeing with Punisher here, you really should've blatantly stuck all of the evidence on the ban request to begin with and probably should've done and recorded (maybe with a screenshot) a kick instead of straight ban after mute/gag. Js.
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Nothing happened here.
This is not just about the mic spamming. He was breaking many rules being told to stop over and over. I tried to reason with him since he was literally facing a ban.
An idea is to let him server this 12 hour ban and IF he continues up the time. 
From what I've seen through evidence presented he was slain for the RDM so next would be 24 hours. He is currently serving the 12 hour ban for mic and chat spamming.  This is another case where I believe there's more to the story. So lets see what he does after his 12 hour ban and if he continues work it up to 24 hours to 1 week. I don't think that jumping to a permanent ban for this is the right action. These are my opinions of course.
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When people troll it's an automatic ban. It states right in the rules.

I will provide more evidence with my ban request next time I'm sorry for the lack of it this time.
I see two RDMs, a little bit of chat spamming, and arguably a little micspam.. if he's already been banned for 12 hours, I think that's a long enough ban in my opinion
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I am aware of the rules as I helped to edit them a while back on your thread of suggestions.
 I know and you know that this escalated so much because of how you responded to him. 

Again, I say let him server his 12 hours. Not enough here for a permanent ban IN MY OPINION. 
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