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Illegal Prop Hunt Spots with Pictures and Explanations
Alright, so after more than one player has complained about not understanding which spots were illegal even with the illegal spots list and realizing that some long term staff have not ran into some of these spots, this guide has been made.

Most of the players that were complaining about this over my time here at Dink's were just trolling but there was a certain vagueness that was noticed with some of the descriptions. Some of it may have had to do with not wanting people to exploit those spots when staff are not on or just lack of further description available at that time.

This guide has been made with each illegal spot for each current map in use, and several maps not in use. Each illegal spot is in bold and a brief description on why the spot is illegal along with a picture for reference. The file is way too large to post on a single or couple threads on the forums and would take too much room to give each map its own thread. That would be over thirty threads just with active maps alone, which is ridiculous. So, it was decided to have it placed in a google doc with a shareable link for everyone.

The link is here!

Please contact a living staff member if a spot is missing, has become legal, or a map is missing. A link will also be posted on the Illegal Spots List found here.

Thank you and have a great day.
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Make sure to make the day.
Bet. This is long overdue. I appreciate you putting in the time to do this.
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Never forget
Now players and other staff can't say, "oh I heard different from so and so." This is very helpful. Thank fishy. It has also updated me on alot of spots I was questioning myself.
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Very cool new spots Smile

Thank for for the time you put into this though it is massive
My GOD, this thing is gigantic! I've always wanted something like this, but actually bringing myself to make one is just too much of a stretch. Thank you!
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All hail. Insert fish admin meme here.
Youre the best admin after all ok

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Tbh I just wish there was a program that can track any props who are hiding in illegal spots.

That would be a dream that the staff would wanna find.
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(05-19-2020, 02:45 AM)Happy Mirror Wrote: Tbh I just wish there was a program that can track any props who are hiding in illegal spots.

That would be a dream that the staff would wanna find.

That is excessive.  It would be easier to reposition barriers on maps than to create a new program.  

Though the closest thing currently active like that is on crash house where it says "uh oh, someone is exploiting the map". That message is helpful but annoying as it remains until that prop is dead.
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This is awesome. thank you fish!
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Thank you Fish this is extra helpful. Also thank you and good job to whoever else helped out (:
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