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Discord Update June 2020
Hello all, Im here to bring you a Discord update.  There have been a few changes that I need to share.

The ranks for the Discord Staff team have been changed slightly.  We now have a system in place: Discord Helper, Discord Moderator, and Discord Admin.  When you apply for Discord Staff, you will now be required to start at Discord Helper and move up to Discord Moderator via application (yes you will have to apply for both ranks).  Discord Helpers are going to be a new role introduced that acts as a training rank for incoming Discord Staff.  This role will have basic perms to help them learn moderation, while Discord Moderator will stay the same as it was.  With this addition, pinging Discord Moderator will no longer work, however, the role will be changed to Discord Staff to better reflect this change.  Discord Admin (myself), will serve as the lead for the Discord Staff team, and keep the staff team in order.  The expectations for these roles can be found here.  

There is now a Ban Request Section on the forums!  It was noted that there wasn't one, so with help I went through and made a new section for that with the format thread as well as an archive.  Don't forget there is a reporting function on the Discord as well if you don't want to use the forums to make a report.  

The only currently known issue is the bot relay channels not functioning all of the time.  Part of this may be the bot being rate limited or issues connecting to the servers, and I will look into it more.

I will be adding a master server info channel to the Discord that will have information about all of the Dink servers and important threads/info for each one.  This will be coming soon.  Also, I am still encouraging people to apply for Discord Staff as we've had some recent resignations.  If you are interested, feel free to apply (making sure you meet requirements and understand the expectations), and if you have any questions, feel free to dm me on Discord (Avi#4653).
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can i have discord
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Does this mean I can finally get my owner+ role?
Im just curious, would a mod on one of the servers have to apply for discord helper even though they already have the ability to kick and ban on discord?
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(06-09-2020, 09:27 PM)killerZoreo Wrote: Im just curious, would a mod on one of the servers have to apply for discord helper even though they already have the ability to kick and ban on discord?
Yes you would have to apply as Discord staff is it's own staff system fully now. Discord Helper has access to things that server mods do not have access to. This change is to shift primary responsibility of discord staffing to discord staff and not server staff (and yes mods will still have access to kick/ban but should only be used following the guidelines in instances where discord staff cannot be reached). Server staff can apply to be discord staff but they are now separate entities to clear muddy areas of moderation responsibilities.
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