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victoria ban request
Offender's Name & Steam ID: Victoria (STEAM_0:1 :1 00594169)

Potential Witnesses: Banana 

Reason to Ban: Hacking

Other: My bad for not noticing Triangle was on at the time of the kick - he had been in and out for a while so I didn't think to ask for a temp ban from him.
Strangely enough, I do not think I can ban this person at this time. They could be hacking, they might not be. I do not see direct prop to prop running, many of the props are in common spots or not moving when they are being seen and then killed. I do not see any sign of an aimbot either and some of the things done and the way of searching show an experienced prop player.

I can understand why one would think this is hacking, but I do not feel 100% confident in banning this person for hacking. Most of, if not all, the kills look clean. If the person returns and you think they are hacking, I recommend possibly indirectly spectating them but not directly spectating them since they could turn their hacks off or not use them as much when directly spectated (assuming they are hacking), or gathering evidence by watching from the props' perspective. The props' perspective will show if she is running straight towards them or not when she enters an area, or if the person is in such a spot where it does not make sense that she would find them in said spot.

I will keep this open for approximately another day in case more evidence has been gathered.
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heya. pro cheater/cheat analyst here.

As Fish said, there's no evidence for aimbotting, so that's out the window.
The only cheat I see being plausible here is a wallhack/ESP hack, but even that is questionable. Maybe the hack client they're using shows if somebody's spectating and they toned it down when you were spectating.

I'm pretty sure all the server relays have access to !ss, and while it is not the be-all-end-all when it comes to catching hackers, it is still very useful. You wouldn't believe the number of people who still use cheats with no screengrab protection.

Unless there's more evidence, it would not be right to ban this player for cheating currently.

edit: Just noticed in the vid you said the !ss was clear. My b.
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Know who you can trust.
The player is on our watch list from May for ghosting. Wonder if there was a friend on that they didn’t have on steam!?

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In all honesty, I wasn't 100% convinced on hacking either. But with no visible friends online/no one else with that number of kills (other than Mantis and Garro lol), and the way they eliminated so many props within such a short span of time I thought hacking was most likely.

Appreciate the feedback though, thanks guys.
It's not always easy to make a decision if someone is up to something and some are better at hiding it than others. We will just have to keep an eye out. Can't catch them all  Smile

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Since there appears to be a general consensus that this person was not hacking at this point in time, I will close this thread.
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