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DR Rules
Dinkleberg's Deathrun Rules

1. Do not trap spam
Trap spam is considered pressing multiple traps with NO ONE at the pressed taps. Using the traps to force a Freerun is also not allowed and can lead to harsher punishment as it can also be False freerun
-It is not Trap spam if there is a person at the trap, and it's not targeting.

2. Do not avoid Death
This involves going frequently AFK as the death, purposely going into kill zones, leaving the game

3. Do not ghost or false ghost
Ghosting in Deathrun is sharing information to people who are alive while you are dead, no matter the team you are on. False ghosting is ghosting but giving out incorrect information. Some examples of this are
  • Saying where the other team is.
  • Saying what door is the correct one EVEN IF YOU WENT THROUGH ONE AND DIED.
  • What traps have been activated and not.
Saying which minigame was picked is not considered ghosting.

4. Do not hack, exploit, or abuse mechanics that were otherwise not intended within the game.
Do not try to escape the map bounds or exploit map bugs that provide an unfair advantage to gameplay. Most exploits will automatically SLAY you if you attempt them. Abusing stuck is also exploiting. 

Note: The Jump pack has been removed from the shop due to issues with exploiting maps/areas. If you are using a jump pack, you must sell it. Continue use may result in negative repercussions up to (but not limited to) a 1 week ban. 

5. Do not Mic spam or chat spam.
Making noises into the mic, singing, repeating the same phrase over and over again are some examples of mic / chat spam. Just because it wasn't listed here doesn't mean it's not mic spam

6. Do not Disrespect/Harass Staff or players
Disrespecting and/or harassing staff or our players is not allowed.
Some examples, but not all, are:
  • Making fun of them, like their race, gender, age, mental and/or physical conditions, etc.
  -This includes the use of Racial slurs.
  • Spamming players trade requests or in private message
  • References to suicide or rape
  • Constant vape usage when told to stop

7. Do not delay

Delaying is being the last runner alive and not progressing meaning you are staying at a single trap for too long. Staying at one trap for over a minute will be considered delaying after which you'll have 30 seconds to pass the trap, 30 seconds to pass the next one, and 30 to pass the one after that one, till you either dead or you finish the map. It is also delaying to not pick a minigame or not attempting to kill the deaths in the minigame. It is never delaying if there is more than one runner alive. Using props to block walkway, ladders, doors, etc is also considered delaying

8. Do not argue with staff

Arguing with staff can lead to problems down the line. They have the final say. If you don't like how they handle the situation you can always take it to the forums.

9. Do not evade punishment.

Leaving the game to get ungagged/unmuted will only get you regagged/remuted. Continuously doing so will eventually lead to a ban.
Making Alt accounts to evade a ban is permanent, this includes all accounts used.

10. Do not call a false freerun

A false freerun is announcing a freerun then activating traps. Once a trap is activated and it has killed someone, you cannot call a freerun. If a runner asks for a trap to be press you can press the trap that they requested. If there are multiple deaths ALL deaths must call out a Freerun in order for it to be considered a Freerun.

11. You cannot target any of the runners, or team with them.

Targeting is letting any number of players pass but then killing ONE person.
It isn't targeting if you kill more than one person.
Purposefully getting yourself killed with the person being targeted will get you and the death both punished (I.e No loophole.)

12. Do not have an inappropriate Name, picture, or sprays.

Any advertisement links, Racism, sexism, suicide, Overly sexual phrases, harassment, and other various names/picture whether it be a spray or a Profile picture, we would ask you to change it. Note: Sprays do not change until the spray owner leaves the server and comes back or the map changes.

13. No Advertising
As of 23 June 2021 a temporary zero tolerance policy is being put in place. Anyone posting a link in the DR server (excluding links to our forums or discord) will receive a permanent ban until an investigation can be conducted. This policy is being put into action due to individuals who have knowingly posted links that not only violate our rules, they also violate laws of the United States of America to which the servers are hosted.
A general rule of thumb for chat, is it a link to the Dinkleberg forums? No? Don't post it. The same rule of thumb can be applied to the voice chat.
Examples of advertising:
  • Getting people to join another server
  • NSFW links
  • hack links
  • Excessive YouTube advertising
  • Excessive twitch advertising

Note: Time Farming is frowned upon, anyone discovered Time Farming 3+ times will be Tbanned up to 1 month. 
A ban request will be made to document and inform the community of the repeat issue. 

Special thanks to the people who created the old Rules: Alora, Christan, Kenny, and Queef commando

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