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saltychapdaddy for Trusted (Take 2)
Ingame Name: saltychapdaddy

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:424003048

Time Played: 175 Hours

When First Joined: May 2020

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): Eastern Standard Time, Evenings

Rank Desired: Trusted

Current Rank: Donor

What can you do to help the community:  I can help the community by bringing a balance of fun and order to the server. Since I could be considered as one of the “here to mess around” people, I feel as if I get those people better than most and can differentiate them from those who are trolling and being toxic. 
Why you want to help the community: After some reflection from the last time I applied, I understood that I often was doing the very thing I want to try and prevent: I was having fun at everyone else's expense and I want to help the community rather than just join to be a dickhead. I want to help keep this community special in any way I can.
Have you been previously banned? (Link Relevant Posts): No
Have you previously applied for staff? (Link Relevant Posts):
How did you find us?:  Browsing through servers after coming back to PC for the first time in 6 years; haven't looked back since!
Did you fill out the required scenario questions for rank you are applying for? (Links under requirements in format thread):  Yes
Other: After my first application, I did some self-reflection, as noted above. Garry’s Mod initially was a game that I used to fuck with people. I eventually reached the point though where that just wasn’t enjoyable anymore, which was around when I had applied last month to “see what would happen.” Now, the most important thing to me is having fun on the server WITHOUT doing those things, and being involved in the community. I feel as if I’ve made significant strides on how I communicate with the community since that last application. For example, I haven’t received a single warn from any staff member since June 27th. I also started becoming more involved with this community via Discord and the forums. This community is something I look forward to being around when I get off work, and it’s honestly so nice to be on a server like this one. Even if I don’t get Trusted, I will still make efforts to try and better the community because ultimately, that’s all I care about: to give everyone who wants to actually play on the server a chance to have fun.
I'm gonna go ahead and start this off with a +1, you've made great improvements after your first app and I think you are ready.
If you can read this you're gay.
Tbh man I saw a lot of the same issues I had on the server in you. We both had to reform are behavior to become staff and to me it looks like you have. You have worked on the things people told you to work on so from me its a plus one. Good luck!
Im glad you listen and improved I think you have what it takes to be a good trusted +1 GL!
[Image: 46713d688f8087b1f2d3b92a79d7afea.png]

Future owner  Big Grin
I haven't spent much time on the server with you recently, but I have been in discord with you and it definitely seems like you have worked on what you needed to and improved to the point where I think you're able to handle trusted. +1
[Image: ehzhie1yovv21.jpg]
Been much better on the server since his last app and he's also been great for the community by hosting game nights several times a week. His drawings suck in but I'll still give him a +1
Test Moderator on Dinkleberg's TTT.

"You guys are fucking cancer."
I think that Salty has changed a lot from his first staff application and grown as a person. I believe that he has a lot of potential in being a staff member. +1
I don't see you doing any of the negative things said in your previous application. Looks like you've made big improvements. +1
[Image: WYrY1SK.png]
+1 this guy has had huge improvements and worked on exactly what he needed to
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When you posted your first trusted app I'll be totally honest, I thought it was a joke.

I am so glad you proved me wrong and have worked on becoming a better person overall and being increasingly involved in the community.

I'll give this a +1. You have proved you can take advice, and I have no doubt in my mind that you know the rules very well.

Good luck man!
I'm always lifting, on the server and off, my gains keep me going!!

2013/14-Present (6+ years with this beautiful community!)

And Remember kids, never skip Leg Day!

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