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Since people keep spamming my voice clips.
Lately the spamming of my voice clips has gotten out of hand. Especially since now someone made a song of my scream/voice without my permission. So I would appreciate it if no one used those clips anymore or that music someone made of my voice anymore since people keep spamming it. Thank you.
Yeah if anyone has queues of someone else without their permission that's not good. I'll let staff know to keep an eye out.
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Also can u people stop calling him wet ass Jesse. Like ffs u people say shit idk if it's a joke or not and then people who don't like him turn that shit into an insult.
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nah but for real, stop :/
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ape gang this is directed towards you btw
We're just a giant ass
Cheeks are made of children
Old was just a fad
Shit on all the billions
that just sounds like a form of straight up targeted harassment

I'm all for silly queues but there are plenty of memes on the internet you can queue instead of a community member
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didn't we community ban like 8 people for way less?
(09-11-2020, 09:26 PM)malphite the adc slapper Wrote: didn't we community ban like 8 people for way less?
or nothing at all even
[Image: QfjhNQ2.png]
Would also like to add that if this is happening to anyone don't be afraid to come forward with that information and proof of said claims. It may lead to further harassment whether you make that public or not, but if it does it will only look worse on the party doing it. Things like this will be handled immediately.
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If Jesse doesn't want WAJ to be played that's fine, but I don't think anyone was really aware that he didn't want it played. The only thing I knew is that he didn't want it overplayed. Honestly I thought the song was just for fun and wasn't any real harassment. If it's being used that way then for sure, but most people as far as I know just played it because it's a funny and good song. It's enjoyable to hear honestly and tbh my favorite sound clip because it isn't just some shitty song but instead actually something related to the community and pretty catchy.

If you really don't want people playing it then that's understandable, but it's honestly a good song and it's called Wet Ass Jesse because it's based on the song Wet ass pussy, not intentionally to make fun of anyone. Sure you can make fun of Jesse by saying that, but it's not called WAJ to specifically target him in a negative way.

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