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Vape Spam
Closed due to derail, this is a staff abuse report not a suggestion thread. A response will follow shortly

How do you guys get vape spam from "chat AND mic spam"?

Anyways, Titan and I have already discussed a solution for the time being. If TTT has a way to limit vapes and is able to be ported over here that might be a better solution overall.

As for now, The rules will have a minor change. That will be to the harassment rule (aka not spam) a note will be added to if someone asks you to stop spamming vapes and you don't it will be considered harassment. However, if the spam continuously becomes an issue it will be swapped over to a spam rule. Of course, if that limit vape thing can be ported, the rule either it's on harassment or spam will be removed as there isn't a reason for it to be there (unless the limit isn't enough).

As far as the abuse goes neither party was deemed in the wrong nor in the right, as this is more of an issue with the rules and how vapes were implemented and/or coded. However, I'd like to add that it is better to ask if something is a rule or not if it's not on the rule page than just assuming, and most of the time, least for DR, it's not a rule. The only rule that isn't on the list that I can think off the top of my head is Timefarming.
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