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PH News Bulletin 10/1/20
Well, it's actually 9/30/20 but I have a feeling because of work today and tomorrow that I will be too tired to remember to do this.

Welcome to October everyone! That means there is less than 3 months in the year that has been 2020. I would like to thank the staff team for all of their hard work on server. The following updates are what happened in the community and server side for Prop Hunt.

@"B0T. ikillyou" is our Staff Member of the Month! Congrats to him and his dedication to the server.

The Halloween Crate has been readded to the pointshop for players to buy. The crate and key had to be remade and readded to the overflow server. Took a bit to navigate around the pointshop and find all the items but it appears to work now which is good.

lonyx and Traitor have resigned from the staff team. We thank them for their help in running the server and making the game playable to everyone.

Pixie Soldier has joined the Mod Squad congratulations to her and Loki is the newest addition to the Trusted staff team.

That is all of the updates for Prop Hunt for now and I hope to see you all on the prop hunt field soon.
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that is a bright yellow
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(09-30-2020, 09:30 AM)TheUltraFish Wrote: Pixie Soldier has joined the Mod Squad congratulations to her
That yellow killed my eyes Fish
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i dident want to say it but i guess i missed my chance
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Gratz to B0T boi for staff of that month <3
Thank you and hi! :-)

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