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Let this bird be blue!
Ingame Name: Spiderling
Old Name: 

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:77263062

Time Played: Roughly 1176 hours

When First Joined: September ??, 2019. October 6th, 2019 is the oldest date I have in my Gmod clips of being in Dink's server so I just mark today as my 1 year anniversary. 

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): Eastern time zone.

Monday(Work): I work from 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM (Schedule can flux up till 8:30 PM). I typically take a break on this day and relax after work, but I can hop on if needed.
Tuesday(No Work): I tend to hop on around 5PM, though I can be found on during the late hours such as between 8PM and 3 AM if I am not playing another game already.
Wednesday(No Work): Same as Tuesday.
Thursday(Work): I work from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM (Schedule can flux up till 2:30 PM), I usually hop on the server around 3PM or 4PM on this day as well as late in the day such as around 10PM or later. 
Friday(No Work): Same as Tuesday.
Saturday(Work): Same work schedule as Thursday, typically work from 9:30 AM to around 1:30 PM if time doesn't flux up an hour. I can usually be found online afterwards as well later on in the day.
Sunday(No Work): I tend to stay up later on Saturdays so depending on how late I stay up, the earliest you may see me online may roughly be around 6PM if I end up sleeping in.

Rank Desired: TMod

Current Rank: Trusted

What can you do to help the community?: Although the server is already equipped with a team of both Moderators and Tmods, there have been times when I am on late at night when neither rank are able to assist with a ban. One prime example is when I was on till early in the next morning due to the fact I had to keep kicking a hacker who kept cycling through all six of his accounts before a Mod was able to hop online. I believe I am capable of determining when a player is up for a ban based upon my previous ban requests, as well as alerting the active Mods and Tmods of trouble occurring within the server that are out of my limitations to handle. I am also capable of distinguishing the difference between the behaviors between a set of ghosters compared to the behavior of a hacker within the server.

Why do you want to help the community?: I get most of my enjoyment out of the server by playing with the players who frequently regular the server. I want to ensure that those who play on this server continue to make fond memories just as I do each time I hop online. Although there are occasions where troublesome players hop online to either ruin the game mode through cheating or just by being an outright troll, I want to continue to ensure that the environment remains a pleasant experience for those who happen to hop on in.

Have you previously been banned? (Link relevant posts): N/A

Have you previously applied for staff? (Link relevant posts):

Do you have a way to record video or take screenshots? Yes

How did you find us?: I joined this server randomly with a friend by chance.
Hey Starling,
I believe that you will be a great T-Mod! 
You are always on top of staffing and you keep a calm attitude. 
When I became trusted, I came to you for questions that I had knowing that you would know how to answer. You are always willing to help when needed and step up to help. You know how to help because you are very knowledgeable of all things staff related. 
Not to mention that you have been around a lot as well. 

I still stand with my vote on your last app. I believe that you are fit for the role.
You have for sure improved on the points that were brought up in your last application.

+1 from me. 

Be great. Good luck with your application! 
[Image: s1bMrsR.png]

[Image: 1AIuo1u.png]
Heya Star! Happy 1 year anniversary, my friend :3

I'm gonna go ahead and say, this is a +1 from me. My opinion from your first app has not changed, except for the fact that I feel like you've become even more helpful on the server. I also feel you've become more confident in the rules. You'll be a great t-mod!

Good luck!
[Image: vfBYIHs.png]
Hey Starling! Thanks for applying!

you've really come a long way from where you are now. I personally haven't had the chance to see the improvement during the 3weeks I was gone, but in the week of coming back I have noticed that you're still going strong. I've seen more of a teamworking aura from you and you have it in you to help us out in times of need. Along with some of your fellow trusted, I've seen many great tag teams. I wouldn't mind seeing more Tmods on the field. With people's schedules, not everyone can be on at the same time, so I see that you've hit certain timezones with your current work schedule now. You are on at unique times where we need alot more help. The night time of dinks is a horrid time to be a solo trusted. I used to be able to tackle the nights by myself, but not I'm too busy to jump on during the nights. You got the skill and the dedication to care for this community. Since you're last app, you made it your mission to show us that you did stuck around even more than before, you showed that you got what it takes to move up. I know that when it comes to the server you are Grade A material for upper staff.

Its a +1 for me star, keep doing your tasks well and continue to help us out. Thanks for taking abit of your time of the day to help out the community.
[Image: 6yaEib5.jpg]
[Image: LoMemiJ.png]

I think you'd be a very pretty blue birb.

but real talk - I have seen a huge improvement since your last app, I think you'd be a great t-mod. You're open to communication and as long as you don't let yourself get overwhelmed in the heat of the moment you will be fine - in all, you'll do great, kid!

+1 for my little birdy friend
"Your voice has resting bitch face"
-Travis, 2020
[Image: PNWs9rg.png]
No need for me to be a broken record, you got this darling.
happy anniversary. <3
[Image: 106668096_10216416512356508_912181100602...e=5F901AF1]


[Image: 2e610d1daac912d3eef7c10cc151b685.gif]

Starling, you change and develop from your previous application which is great because you work on all the things that people said from your previous application and that you didn't give up that easily.

You been on at times on the server when its gets worst to which a minor kid playing should have not of heard or read while playing the game. You used admin chat when you see the amount of kills from hackers or ghosters that tend to gain kills within a few rounds. You even notice when few of those hackers started to turn on their aimbots and started to spin randomly and unnaturally to a trained eye. 

You worked better on communication not just on a staff level but also when you felt troubled and ask me personally about an issue or my opinion on the matter which show how much you change from the last application.

I'll say you earn the right to be promoted to be part of the Test Mod group

I'll say +1 this bird to test mod!
[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif]
hey Star!

so yeah, i've seen star around for a while and shes always been a kind, relaxed, person with me and everyone else as far as i've witnessed. she swiftly follows procedure to crackdown on annoying people, and fun to lose to in PH (her and everyone else). she's mature, can hang out but still be professional. i dont see why i can't put down a +1, so there you go.

good luck!
[Image: signature_2.png]
[center]first off Star, you are a honorary Spider and no one else shall be a Spiderling but you.[/center]

[justify]Anyway, star has been to my knowledge vary good when it comes to the rules of the server, as well as the how to play aspects of the game as well. ive seen personally that she has helped out new players to the server on several occasions as well as shut down those troublesome players that happen to find their way to this server. While with each of these examples she is vary diligent when dealing with those that needed dealing with. Ive never seen her lose her cool or have snappy remarks to these people, neither have ive seen her dish out unjust punishments.[/justify]
[justify]while I am personally unaware what it takes to be Mod or even that of any level of staff, I do believe since star has been a trusted member for quite sometime, she has more then enough experience and knowledge to move up to the next stage.[/justify]
[justify]Ill be looking forward to he news if you get this promotion Star.[/justify]

Going to deny this for now. I do want the bird to be blue but I just do not think it should happen at this very moment. You are on constantly and a well-known face on the server. I am glad to hear that you are improving your attitude, there is always improvement in that area. The item of concern I'm worried about is communication. Your communications amongst staff seems to need improvement. I do not think you are trying to be mean but it comes across that way. I think you are so worried about saying the wrong thing or something incorrectly that it stops you from saying the right thing so you just spit something out before the moment passes and it comes across as bad or with attitude. I would like to see this area improve before you get ban capabilities not that you would abuse them but if confronted by staff or a player on the server, you would not be able to properly explain yourself.

The earliest you can reapply for test mod is November 11, 2020.
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

Make sure to make the day.

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