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Russianaviator Intro
Hello all, 
I am russianaviator.  I usually play on the ph server.  I used to play awhile back, but stopped and now ive returned as a donator.  Happy to see the server moving and growing.  I am a pilot working towards my commercial pilots license, live in North Carolina and love to travel.  Hope to see you all around the server and in the discord.  Feel free to add!
Welcome to the forums Smile
[img][Image: bAal77J.gif]
(10-15-2020, 10:08 PM)Alec Wrote: Welcome to the forums Smile
Thanks a bunch
Welcome to the forums and the community! Super cool that you wanna fly planes, its always been an interest of mine. Stop by TTT sometime : )
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Howdy Howdy, Feel free to pop over to TTT
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Hello! Welcome to the forums
Dr Admin
ex-Ph Trusted
Welcome to the forums!
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Welcome to the forums, bring a weapon it can get dangerous at dark
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Welcome to the forums and welcome back! c:
Hope to see you in game!
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Welcome to the forums my dude! Hope to bump into you at some point Smile
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