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A Couple of Friends Just Ghosting and MASSing
Offender's Name / Offender's SteamID:

Reason to Ban:
PronxHD for MASS RDM
The ZIMICS for GHOSTing, As you can see in the round 4 Evidence, Combat Carl did nothing traitorous and was Killed by jungs, when papa was a Traitor. If you require more proof I will edit a video I took.

Potential Witnesses:
[Image: LJvijpe.jpg]

[Image: 2wOcr38.jpg][Image: HGoADVm.jpg][Image: Rba4Jxf.jpg][Image: dLJJJJl.jpg][Image: pi8bnDT.jpg]
[Image: EKuPp8I.jpg]
[Image: giphy.gif]
Can confirm, this happened.
Pronx was permad for Mass/Ghosting the other two got two weeks
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