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Persistent Mutes and Gags
(this is actually a suggestion for both servers, but I like prophunt more)

I've noticed for about four years that ulx votemute and ulx votegag commands in the ULX CustomCommands command pack we use have the amazing ability to not only mute or gag a player for a set amount of time (as in, mute somebody for say, 5 minutes), but to have mutes and gags persist between disconnects. I've wanted to adapt this into a new and improved mute and gag command, but lacked the skills. However, now I don't!

So, I have exciting news. I have successfully adapted the votemute and votegag commands into their own commands that work almost exactly like the regular mute and gag commands, with the ability to mute or gag a player for a certain number of minutes, and the ability to have mutes and gags persist between disconnects. 

These commands work using Garry's Mod's built in serverside database, called sv.db, to store a key value pair containing the number of minutes the user is muted or gagged for, instead of the way ULX does it by simply adding a boolean value to the player's server session, which is lost when the player disconnects and only contains information telling if the player is either muted or unmuted. A timer simply goes off every 60 seconds to reduce the number of minutes the mute or gag has left by 1. When it's zero, they get unmuted.

Some quirks:
- Mutes and gags have an accuracy within -60 seconds. Every 60 seconds a timer fires that reduces the number of minutes a player is muted. If you mute somebody 1 second before the timer goes off, it will count as one minute.
- This script hates lua autorefresh. A server restart or two is required to make it fully functional.

The command for mutes is fully working, but the command for gags is untested. I'll post links to both when they are ready. This time it's a little too big to have in a code tag :)
Let me know, I can throw them on the TTT test server.
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This would be something interesting to add. Yes it could stop people from avoiding punishment but it could also make staffing easier by just putting in time limits instead of relying on staff member memory. Gagging or muting someone for 5 minutes (basically a round) or 45 minutes (basically the time of a map) seems a lot easier to remember for staff members. It would be interesting to hear how this progesses.
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I think something like this would be great in DR and having a timed gag/mute because we don't have normal rounds, it just goes by how fast or slow players beat the map/or die. So when gagging or muting you have to go by your own timing and guess it's been a full round, but now with a "timed" gag/mute to put it, I could say !gag titan 5min kinda thing and they will be gagged for said time or till we turn it off. It would make it so much better/easier as fish said, and we can give a full proper punishment.
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Since all the other server admins posted here, I guess I'll do the same.

Yes, this would be a very useful feature. I appreciate that you're working on this and I could see it helping us out a ton. Thanks, Russ.
Honestly it would be nice to also add a feature in to do timed gags/mutes that auto ungag/unmute after the time is served.
Example: ulx tmute 10 "Mic Spam" or ulx tgag 10 "Mic Spam"

Maybe have a list somewhere that we can also remove these gags/mutes from as well.
I like the idea of having persistent mutes/gags. The thought behind the timed gags/mutes to be added into this idea as well is if someone leaves and comes back at a later time, they would have to serve the reset of their gag/mute and they cannot just leave to avoid having to serve it.
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Funny enough this is something I talked to dink about when I was making the new DR rules ~8 months ago. Like titan said rounds can be over real quick, for example, dr_minecraft can be beaten in 25 seconds and the runner could pick easy thus ending the round instantly, do that 10 times the map is over in roughly 4 minutes. while some maps like deathrun_portal takes longer as it takes a minute to go through even when bhopping. At the time Dink said just to make it round. As a person who's staff a server that had both tgag/tmute and pgag/ pmute it was pretty nice we hardly used the base !gag / !mute. Speaking about P(erma)gag and p(erma)mute that might be a good thing to look into as well, we could use it instead of banning for mic spam / chat spam.
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(11-27-2020, 03:18 PM)B0T.ikillyou Wrote: Honestly it would be nice to also add a feature in to do timed gags/mutes that auto ungag/unmute after the time is served.
Example: ulx tmute 10 "Mic Spam"  or ulx tgag 10 "Mic Spam"

That's what this does! Although you can't add reasons. A "mute" list similar to a ban list would be awesome, but that's a bit out of my league.
Question: Do these still play well with the ungag/unmute commands? Don't wanna gag someone on accident for 10 minutes and have them be stuck with it.
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(11-27-2020, 11:14 PM)Nicol Wrote: Question: Do these still play well with the ungag/unmute commands? Don't wanna gag someone on accident for 10 minutes and have them be stuck with it.

You need to use the included untmute and untgag commands since the process for removing the timed mute and gag is different. These commands can be tacked onto the existing unmute and ungag commands if needed, so they can both unmute the player normally and removed a timed mute.

Also, just like with the old ULX banning system, you can change the duration of the mute without unmuting them. If you wanted to mute them for 3 minutes and muted them for 30, you can just mute them again for 3 minutes.

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