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[Discord Staff App] Do you need help here?
Discord Name: synthray

Discord ID: 767143638429204521

When First Joined(Estimate): Last days of september. Discord? mid-November
What is your age: 20.
What rank are you applying for (Helper or Moderator): Helper

What can you do to help the Discord community: Somewhat sleepless staff that can mantain the integrity of the chats and help other new users get to know better this place. This one is simpler: it's about helping with the main hub of the community while "mods are asleep", and also helping as immediate response along with the rest of the team. I guess that mantaining my composture and acting friendly most of the time is an advantage here.

Why you want to help the Discord community: Because the Discord is understaffed and for some reason I'm one of the guys that is there, witnessing the shitshow. Better said, 2 or 3 mods for a 200+ Discord... The place is also "Staff Needed!"

Other: Auttaja says my time in the Discord is not as much (47d), which is something to consider.
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+1 GFL.

Best of luck mate
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+1 Good luck, my guy. Have at it.
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+1, I see synthray using the discord at the later hours when there seems be the occasional spammer. Also theres very few discord staff so it'd be nice knowing theres more keeping it clean.
take my +1 and get outta here
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You’re going down a path that I can’t follow Sad

+1 if he really wants it tho
+1 Synthray is more than qualified and is always active.
Discord needs help, GCubed can't do it alone.

For real, I'm not sure I can name very many discord staff members other than Nicol. They need help and Synthray's work as triple T staff shows he is ready and qualified to help with discord.

Synthray, don't let this ruin the fun of TTT or dinks in general. If it becomes too toxic to handle, get help from other discord staff
Good luck!
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When you queue cringe
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just when I thought we scared anyone from DARING to staff the discord.....

+1 I guess.. if you want to put yourself from that hell, sign yourself up for it. I think you're smart enough to do it, but just know, it's demoralizing to yourself if you take it too seriously lmao; this is coming from someone with experience with this position. 

Just understand when to and when NOT to intervene and you'll be fine. (:
Angry Angry it's just gmod, why so serious!?!?!?!?!
Genuinly, I understand your wish to help out the cesspit that is discord, and I madd respect you for applying for this but like David said, the place is a fucking mess and while I do actually tend to listen when told to fuck off, there is an immense anti-discord staff mentality and that is something you'll have to stand up against.

I do not know you due to lack of gameplay but you must run this through you before setting on, mind you this is not me trying to scare you off here, do you want to try and face off against some of the bigger assholes we have in this community that persevere in discord. Several have burned out, and that is a fate I do not wish upon you as well.

Good luck with your application good sir!
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