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Unban request by and for Zyker
Hey, I just realized I was banned after being an idiot going on an rdm spree after being irritated. First of all I want to be honest, and second of all it won't happen again. It appears I was permanently banned due to leaving, but I only left due to my karma being set to 0 and ppl said it would trigger a ban so I was afraid I would get banned. I was planning to reconnect after map had changed to serve out my slays, which I just did, and noticed Im permanently banned 

Ingame Name: 
Who Banned You: 
Reason For Ban: 
Length of Ban: 
Reason for Admins to Unban: 
I left due to a trial mod having set my karma to 0, which I found strange and scary, prompting me to leave to avoid ban, and for doing so I was banned
Have you been banned before (Link relevant threads): 
Please consider this, I will clean up my act. Some punishment would be fair, I'll already get 3 slays, but a shorter ban time may be considered, just feel the permanent ban is waayy too heavy Angel
Hi zyker, this is the original ban request that got you banned.
That being said I am pretty sure you have harassed some players at certain times as well. Also don’t know if this matters much but I thought it would still be worth mentioning. You got banned from serious gmod for the same exact thing last Thursday.
That being said. This appeal I think does seem genuine however so I guess I can 1+ a reduction as long as you please clean up your act like you said.
Just FYI setting karma to 0 is the approved methods for test moderators to perform what's known as a "karma ban." Karma bans are console bans that last long enough for a moderator with ban powers to perform a permanent ban. Test mods only do that after severe actions such as mass RDM happen.

As far as this goes I'm concerned about your prior ban from serious TTT, but with us this is your first ban.
If your appeal is accepted you really need to clean up your act.
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When you queue cringe
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Thanks for the replies. Surely it's correct that I got banned last week too, but I had forgotten about it, didn't try to minimize/lie about my actions. I am genuine althought I am quite a bit troll I do like this community alot and need to find a place to stay, I keep trolling and getting banned but at this point I do genuinely want to stop that although find it funny. Also I know it's a toxic side of me that likes the fun of ruining for others when I am irritated myself, which I find bad and sad and it's annoying because I know I have been influenced by others to become like this. If anything, I'm atleast frank and genuine about it.
Please reduce the ban from permanent, and I'll be happy. Keep an eye on me for sure, it's probably smart, but I'll put in a genuine effort to clean up my act.
Any progression/update yet? Miss the server. I will clean up my act 100%, not just try.
Hi Zyker,
Unban requests take several days to process. For anything as significant as mass/constant rdm, we seek out community feedback before bringing the staff committee to a vote.
It may take up to a few days before a decision on your appeal is reached.
Thank you!
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When you queue cringe
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+1 first offense, just keep an eye on him
+1 You shouldn't be banned permanently from a video game server about shooting people for shooting people
Thanks for the support, Russ, (j)ax, and jesse.
Bxnes issued an unban request on the 6th and was unbanned on the 7th, just saying. Due to the late answer I hereby appeal for a speedy decision. I'm starting to feel quite impatient.

Thx in advance =)

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