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Creepin using impossible to find spot
Offender's Name & Steam ID: Creepin STEAM_0:0:220602501

Potential Witnesses: N/A

Reason to Ban: I don't think it requires a ban just more of a punishment or something for using a Glitch spot to where he can either barely be seen or you can't even see him or notice him.
Proof:   These links provide Screenshots of the 2 time he used the spot

Other: (Optional)
Illegal Spots Checklist - Even if a spot is not on this list, it may still be illegal if it doesn't pass each of these requirements.
1. Can you be seen by hunters?
You are not allowed to fully hide in textures/meshes, partial is okay. This includes but is not limited to: garbage bags, tree roots, bodies, etc.
2. Can you be killed by any weapon other than a nuke?
3. Did you use unstuck to get out of the map or did you get outside of the map by other means?

Illegal spots can be found HERE
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[Image: unknown.png]
actually all the spots are visible and Shootable by regular SMG Guns, and can be seen by both parts of the chair. Technically these spots are not illegal if you can be seen, and or shot with an smg.

"Quick Edit" I was Rotated into the banster that was behind me I did not have prop rotation lock on But if you are rotated into the banster behind you can still be shot from the ground. I looked behind me with prop rotation off" Just A little Side Note.
This is not an illegal spot. He can be seen and shot with weapons other then an RPG or nuke. And just as a quick side note, the chair in question has been the subject of much controversy over the years. The determining factor that the staff settled on is if there are two legs are seen, it's legal. Upper staff, please correct me if I'm ewrong on this.

So in summery, -1 on ban, -1 on punishment.
[Image: The_Fiend_2.jpg]
This isn't even that bad, there have been even more concealed spots. Honestly one of the more obvious ones if you looked up, totally put of place. Thread closed.
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