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PH - Illegal Spots
Known Illegal Spots

Illegal Spots Checklist - Even if a spot is not on this list, it may still be illegal if it doesn't pass each of these requirements.
1. Can you be seen by hunters?
You are not allowed to fully hide in textures/meshes, partial is okay. This includes but is not limited to: garbage bags, tree roots, bodies, etc.
2. Can you be killed by any weapon other than a nuke?
3. Did you use unstuck to get out of the map or did you get outside of the map by other means?

Confused about a spot that you find on the list? Click the link here to find further explanation and a picture for reference.

Regarding Jetpack Hiding Spots

If you are in a spot only reachable by a jet pack, you MUST be killable with a standard weapon, and by killable we mean a player without a jet pack. 
(I.e. the new players must be able to see you and kill you with standard weapons; grenade is not one)

Illegal Spots on Maps
Knife, muffler, phone, and money prop are illegal on EVERY MAP

ph_abandoned hotel: Under the stoves, under lockers

ph_academy 20: Under pillars, under lockers, under the bookshelves

ph_awesomebuilding_XL_map: In the generator base, green generator base, under sheet metal, under bookshelves, white box in computer room, fountain water/legs, behind tv screen, in/under any car, under stove, easter egg room, under fence as wrench, clipping into horse statue tail to become invisible, on top of the pipes close to the ceiling of the main room (you are not allowed to be a small prop here) same thing applies for on top of the broken wall. Muffler and phone props are prohibited on this map

ph_awesome_containtership_map: Behind the large pipe in the break room.The muffler prop is illegal on this map. 

ph_awesomewarehouse_night: under broken cars, in mesh of dumpster, mesh of garbage. The cabinet, phone, and muffler props are prohibited on this map

ph_bitnanner: under broken down cars, hiding behind the small gap of the doors, jumping next to the metal shed in spawn, on any invisible ledge, under the concrete, on vents

ph_bunkier_v3x: Underneath the fridge/mattress, behind the fire barrel in the corner of room w/bunk beds, inside trash bags, under oven, behind/under bathtub. Money prop is prohibited on this map.

ph_cabin: behind/under the bath tub, behind dumpster that is flush with the wall, hiding full in couch mesh

ph_chalet night: Hiding inside the snowboard shelf, hiding in the fireplace, on roof/tree, under the dumpster, under the sink, under ANY cardboard

ph_clue2: Behind the tub, inside the cupboard with the iron board, under the immovable box in the attic, knife in the side of the bed, under/in the couches, under all shelves 

ph_contraband: fully in mesh of clothing, back of the truck, behind computer monitors in the basement, inside rocks, inside the fountain, under the couches, in the mesh of the truck tailgate.

ph_cruce: water fountain leg mesh, under broken cars, fully in mesh of couches

ph_dimmsdale: Under beds, ruler on boxes in shop, behind the monitor in the school, under/behind bathtub, hiding on/in the tree where the treehouse is located

ph_downbroke: behind the unmovable computer monitor, white box machine, and mesh of generator

ph_elementary_school: Under/behind lockers

ph_fancy_house: Behind the boxes on the shelving unit in the garage, inside bed frame, under the fridge, under the car, inside of logs in the fireplace, green generator base, under the white shelf upstairs by the vending machine

ph_gas_stationrc7: Under the broken cars, in the garbage bags, behind the trickshot machine, inside the truck wall, behind the computer monitor, inside the top of the truck, past the bars in pipe in basement. Money prop is illegal on this map.

ph_highflooroffice: in the broken computer mesh, behind the near unmovable small green file cabinets.

ph_house2k20: under the broken car, in the mesh of the broken car, under silver tables, hiding fully in the mesh of walls (no pixel hunting either)

ph_house_new_dink: (updated version of housev3) under silver tables, Under the stove, under the broken car, in the mesh of the broken car

ph_islandhouse2: Under the fridge, in the pillows, in the couch, under unbreakable tables

ph_littlegarden: mesh of the cactus and rocks

ph_marketbattlefreq: Under the broken cars, knife inside the vending machines,inside the bin w/trash, in the rock of the garden wall mesh, root part of trees. The knife is illegal on this map.

ph_minimall: The egg is an illegal prop

ph_motelblacke_redux fin: Under cars The phone is prohibited here


ph_office_construct: Under the stove

ph_office_v2: under silver table, behind the oven, phone prop is illegal on this map

ph_parking lot: Under cars, past the jail bars, secret room as a prop, fully in mesh of mattress. Muffler prop is prohibited on this map

ph_pirateship2: Skipping on the water, hiding at the back of the outside of the boat down by the water 

ph_restaurant: Under the bed, under the stove, mesh part of the truck, hiding in the pillows, hiding behind the couches in the basement(including beside ones in the corner

ph_restaurant2019: Under large tree/in mesh, in rock mesh, in trash mesh, back of truck mesh, table leg meshes

ph_school: Under silver table in kitchen, under lockers

ph_starship: Hiding in the mesh parts of the doors, hiding under doors. Light prop is prohibited

ph_story2: Underneath or behind the stoves, under silver tables in kitchen
ph_terraces_2019: Under bathtub, inside fountain mesh

ph_twoside2: Behind/under the fridge, under the silver tables, under the stoves    

ph_underground_station: hiding in the rafters so that you cannot be seen by people without jetpacks

ph_underwataaa: Under the dresser, bed frame mesh, yellow poles by the big green generator, ladder in corners, in mesh of underwater generator, underwater plant mesh

ph_youturd: Inside the dirt mound, dead body in elevator

ph_zombie_bunker_dinks: Behind TV, inside garbage bags, zombie cage, zombie tunnel, behind vending machine as vending machine, white box on machine

The following maps are no longer in circulation but may be used at a later date:

[b]ph_abandoned_office[/b]: under cars, interior mesh of the truck, in dumpsters
ph_amaya: Gray power boxes in garage, under lockers

ph_ammattirakennus: Under the stove, behind lockers, all vans, under steering wheel of truck, on top of vents
ph_backyard: Plate inside white pickup, pole in back of white truck, inside of broken orange boxes, on top of roof, do not put the vending machine under garage door, behind tv, under/in bed, under shelves as plate

ph_chalet day: Hiding inside the snowboard shelf, hiding in the fireplace, on roof/tree, under the dumpster, under the sink, under ANY cardboard
ph_crashhouse: In the mesh parts of the trees, under the broken cars, hiding in the branches in the tree house, in mattresses, climbing on top of the hill, under the hill

ph_galactic: Under cars, in the rock garden wall, mesh of the trees

ph_house_V3: Under the couch

ph_indoorpool: Inside the fountain water, in the white generator box in the voltage room, hiding on the easter egg door, hiding behind and under the big shelf of computers and computer stuff in the voltage room, getting on the roof outside the map as prop OR hunter, under shelves as clipboard or paper

ph_littletown: mesh of tree, behind/under bathtub, under broken down cars, in/behind wooden pillars, under/behind fridges

ph_lockup: Basement-generator, under or behind washing machines, behind ammo crates, under lockers, under the stoves

ph_modern house: Under the bed, in the large bush in the front, inside clothes, inside couch, inside/on the chimney, inside the trees, inside mesh of bathtub entirely

ph_restaurant2017: Inside the mesh/legs of the tables, on top of or inside the mesh of the tree, hiding behind the couches in the basement(including beside ones in the corner), mesh of truck

ph_verical_city: under the floors of the houses, in/under the textures of couches

ph_villahouse2017: Inside the cacti, inside rocks, inside certain trees, the wall of the white truck, hiding in the inside the wall at the bottom of the ladder, in garden rock walls, clipping inside the statue horse tail, mesh of green generator, on the roof past the billboard

ph_westerncity: inside the mesh of the tree, inside the log piles, against the wall of the saloon, dead bodies

ph_zombie_bunker_xmas_dinks: Behind TV, inside garbage bags, zombie cage, zombie tunnel, behind vending machine as vending machine, white box on machine

Did We Miss A Spot? - Contact Us!

Special Thanks to All Those Who Helped To Compile This List
Alora, Bina, Combat, Fish, Happy, Kuono, Link, Mkkay, Nuru, Panda, Prince Nicky, Rust, Sempai, Shank, Starky, Tori, Traitor, and Voss

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