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Light blue Gerbil
Ingame Name:   gebriel ❥ | Agent Fox
Previous Names: [white]♛Mr.[teal]Jinsen , [white]♛Mr. [teal]Jinsen , [test] gebriel ❥ , jinsen , Gebriel , §a gebriel ❥ , §a geb❥ , §a geb ❥ ,  §7♛Mr.§3Jinsen , §4Jinsen§8❥ , §3Jinsen§7❥ , §3Jinsen❥ , ♛Mr. Jinsen
My Gametracker

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:76857576 (32)

Time Played: 497.95 Hours

gebriel  (The gap is when i changed to Agent Fox)

[Image: fc8db6e23218b43dfca5ea0904a66052.png]

Agent Fox

[Image: 1ff993ba48c37e9f9fee9731938442f0.png]

When First Joined: Before May 4th, 2018 (I couldn't find any names before that date)

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): It really depends on my work schedule, but I seem to mostly be on in the afternoon/evening (PST) 

Rank Desired: Test Moderator

Current Rank: Trusted

What can you do to help the community?: I'd like to provide additional assistance in terms of ban power during those times upper staff cannot get on. A trusted member can only do so much in terms of dealing with specific situations such as hackers, ghosters (temps while in progress for ban req), etc, when the other staff aren't available. I'd like to be of more help keeping the server peaceful and fun for everyone. I'm pretty active and always lurking as some know unless I am in bed.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Who's Online Lurkers Club
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Why do you want to help the community?: I really enjoy playing on the server, I've been here on and off for a couple of years now- The regulars and Staff team have been really welcoming to me so far and I'd like to be of more help to them and keep the server clean of its nasty baddies.

Have you previously been banned? (Link relevant posts): Nope, Only joke bans when I asked for them (only one on my name rn is the one from Fishy)

Have you previously applied for staff? (Link relevant posts): Trusted Application Approved

Do you have a way to record video or take screenshots? I currently use OBS and Gyazo

How did you find us?: A friend of mine introduced me to the server early 2018 after (SG) Sona Gaming shut down in 2017. Been on and off with a bunch of names since.

Other: This potentially could be a bit too early to apply, or will get denied, but I look forward to constructive criticism for the future applications to come. I am aware there are things I do need to work on and I have been over the period of being Trusted. I better understand procedure, gotten some criticism over time, and have improved since becoming staff.

"Geb is as innocent as a Grim Reaper... Just without a sharp stick." 
    [Image: newsig.gif]
[Image: 9fGlyRBk.gif]
Although this is an early application, this is when it is deserved. Geb has been a consistent and excellent trusted every time I have seen him on the server. He doesn't let situations get out of control, and can always defuse the scenario when it's needed. Geb has been a nice person and helpful to new players and willing to explain how to play and the rules of the server. Can't think of anything negative to say, so yeah.
I think its a pretty obvious +1, its well deserved. Geb kicks butt at following rules, enforcing them while being an all around nice guy and such, so yeah. The server would really benefit from him becoming a test mod.
Promote this man, he needs some milk
Hello hello geb!! C:
This is a hard +1 from me!
However there is something that I'd like to bring up:
You are technically a still newly hatched trusted and I just worry that you may start to lose that spark of wanting to be on the server.
Don't fret if you ever feel that way because everyone needs a break. I just don't want you jumping too fast in the waters and start sinking, if you catch my drift.
In the end, though
You're an amazing staff member and have helped out so much on the server. You're so sweet and kind (sometimes stinky ;p) and just an overall lovely guy. I hope to see you in the blue team.
~ Aki  Heart
[Image: giphy.webp]
[Image: PNWs9rg.png]
Ah, tis Grebriel! You're cute.

It's a huge +1 from me, of course. Grebloid is extremely active, friendly and chill. Always helps fresh nerds to figure out how to play, keeps the server a fun place to be in and is always ready to help if someone's being naughty.

I think you are ready for the next step and will make a great t-mod. Best of luck, nurd!

I know I haven't played much, but for the times i've seen him staff he does a pretty good job,
i think he will make for a great Tmod. Best of luck!
[Image: 59ZnwSn741nGIqdCDRLoKRKXuy6mYFK5Y4TXz2X1...liM1Xw=s85]
-Resigned DR Admin
-Resigned Ph Trusted
My bb boi gerbil.

I will give you my +1 but I have to agree with Aki about burnout. You have a lot of previous experience from before Dinks but that wont protect you from the burnout. We have had a lot of staff jump to the next stage and then fall off the radar soon after. Never be afraid to ask for help and to take breaks.
You know what youre doing and you know to handle the riffraff with style and grace. ( i sound so poetic -.-)
Just don't sacrifice all the fun.

Keep up the good work my darling. Good luck!
[Image: 106668096_10216416512356508_912181100602...e=602E4EF1]


+1 : dont burn yourself out. Please.

You're one of the best members of staff we have, and I adore you very much and admire all you have done here. Please dont burn yourself out, take breaks. Drink water. And stop being so damn cute, sir.
"Your voice has resting bitch face"
-Travis, 2020
[Image: l4704yy.png]
Hello gebriel I think im gonna vote for this app.To be honest, you're an incredible staff member ! First geb is always a nice  person .He knows when to have fun and when to take it seriously.And he knows how to handle trolls,micspammers etc.And gebriel never get mad bc of trolls (I think this is a big step for T mod).He always helps new players and teaches them how to play the game.He knows how to communicate with players  very well.Also he gets on almost every on call staff pings.Lets make this boi blue 

Also I dont want to repeat everyone.Keep up goodwork,take break sometimes everyone needs that .

My vote is +1 because geb is cute 
Murder Mod January 9, 2020 - Present
Thumbs Up 

Gebriel is knowledgeable, helpful and great and mitigating and dealing with troublemakers.  
Not to mention they are a great friend and someone you can talk to at any time.  
I am was confident that geb would make a great Trusted and I am even more confident they're going to be a wonderful Test Mod.
Geb handles situation with literal grace, takes care of ghosters, spammers and the like quickly and honestly, very professionally.
I am excited to see their staff journey.  
Wishing you the best of luck on your application <3 Gebriel!   
~ PH Donor Ashley ~
[Image: 142674465_10216496991770304_475429843508...e=603657B0]

Сначала это было непросто, но вы уже преодолели и стали большим человеком.

A soft -1
Medium 0
but a firm +1

Seriously though, this is a no brainer. You have much previous experience as a staff member of other community and know how to communicate well within the Staff regime. 

To beat a dead horse from what others have said, Не позволяйте огню перегореть. держи себя гидратированным и счастливым

see you out there cutie Geb
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
Albert Einstein
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